Driving Foot Traffic into Web Traffic

We all know how accessible (or inaccessible) the internet can be. So you set up your product, create the site, set up the store and begin advertising online. The only problem is that you had this great idea for a product you’d never seen before. You made it but not only does no one know what it’s called but that it even exists! The internet is great when you’re looking for something but if you don’t have the name to search for it then it’s still invisible.

Now there are a host of best practices for events and trade shows. While you should be cautious and pick carefully on which ones you go to and where they are; once you’re there it’s time to draw the foot traffic! As much as we like standard online practices and paperless systems, there’s a point where more traditional media are almost mandatory.

At a trade show, traditional media like banners or posters will pull foot traffic to your booth or table. The goal isn’t to just get them to look and leave. The goal is to move people to from the floor to the website. Double up on the usage of your booth displays. Put the website on your business signs and banners. Place QR codes with quick links to your website on any business cards or flyers you hand out. Anything you share should redirect people to your site.

Even without the links and QR codes it’s a good idea to maintain a physical presence with traditional media. It’s all because the things you hand out carry your product and give people the right thing to look for. It spreads as they talk about it and changes that foot traffic into site traffic before becoming sales or conversations about your project. Everything starts from foot traffic somewhere but it’s easy to overlook and jump straight into web campaigns and internet marketing without realizing that people need to know what they’re looking for first.

Bring your customers and investors to the table first, and then send them to the site!

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