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Five Free Apps for The Out of Office Entrepreneur

There are loads of free apps for business users that claim to improve your day to day productivity, but if you’ve just got hold of your first smartphone it can be a bit of a minefield. Here are five applications that will allow you to make the most of your device or 4G dongle when you’re away from your desk.

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Open Office

If you don’t have the cash to splash on a whole Microsoft Office suite, but need to create spread sheets, word documents and presentations on the go, then Open Office is for you. Not only is this wonderful alternative to MS Office absolutely free, but it is highly compatible with a range of other software – including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Google Drive

Though services like Dropbox and Sky Drive also offer free cloud storage up to a certain amount, Google Drive is among the most user-friendly and integrates wonderfully with a number of other services. It’s highly accessible and allows you to can create and edit documents in real time and allow others to do the same – making it a pretty simple and effective choice.


Evernote has been around for a bit now and has continued to come up in lists of this kind – but not for good reason. What’s great about this rather simple note-taking software is that you can compile ideas, text, and images and video together on your 4G mobile phone wherever you are, then revisit them later. So, if you get a flash of inspiration, you can then fire up your home computer later on to flesh it out.


If you operate a small office / home office (which is where this application gets its name) and need a free solution for things like project and inventory management, invoice and payment processing, as well as CRM and reporting, SohoOS is a great basic service. It won’t do everything, but what it does comes in handy.

Adobe Photoshop Express

There are so many things you can do with a program like Photoshop, but for most of us there are features we’ll never need to access. If you have an image, for a presentation for example, that just needs a bit of resizing, cropping or minor editing; the free version of Adobe Photoshop Express will be more than enough.

Most of the apps mentioned are available both the Apple iPhone and android phones such as the Samsung galaxy s3 lte . There are loads more free applications out there to check out, but with these five in your corner, you’ll have made a great start on giving yourself the business advantage.

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