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Mitch Biggs, the Vice President of Brokers for Bluestone Group, is a
graduate of the United States Air Force Academy and an accomplished
F-15 fighter pilot. He has over 20 years experience working with and
for both public and private companies. His core beliefs of integrity,
commitment, community service, personal ownership of three businesses as well as over 10 years with a Fortune 200 company have been instrumental in his ability to lead the brokerage team and deliver exceptional results.


Earn Out Provisions | How to Properly Structure Earn Out Provisions

Art of the deal Art of the Deal Mitch Biggs is a Featured Business and Finance Contributor on Associated Content. This is a reprint of a previously published article.   Earn… Read more »
Personal Finance

Why Raising Taxes Decreases Revenue in the United States

TaxesIf you know the rules, you can play the game. This concept holds true for the sea of rules imposed by the IRS. A good tax advisor is going to… Read more »

12 Step Proven Process for Selling Businesses

Business sales contractAnyone that has bought and sold businesses will tell you that each transaction is quite different. However, there is a defined process that should be followed to increase… Read more »

The Greatest Accomplishment of Health Care Reform

Health care reformThe recent barrage of political posturing over Health Care Reform has been a blessing. Finally, the American people understand how abusive the elected officials have been with our… Read more »

Offer to Purchase or Letter of Intent

Offer or LOI? Both terms are used to describe an offer made to purchase a business.   An over-simplification of the definition of both documents is:   An Offer to Purchase is… Read more »

Lies, Damn Lies and Government Statistics

The truth?Too often, we think the data is straightforward math and simply draws on the underlying data sources. The reality is that it is anything but.   The following example will… Read more »

Top 7 Gotcha’s at Closing When Buying a Business

Avoiding Mistakes at Closing The buying and selling of businesses can be an arduous process.   Both the buyer and seller are well served having a professional business broker that is… Read more »

Working Capital – Where’s The Cash?

Working capitalRemember the Wendy’s fast food chain tagline, “Where’s the Beef?” Buyers ask, “Where’s The Cash?” Working capital is essential to operating a successful business. There must be free flowing… Read more »

Demystifying Business Valuations

Business valuationBusiness valuations are one of the least understood  tools for a business owner.   There are many reasons to perform a business valuation. These include but are not limited to… Read more »

Direct Mail Marketing|Inside the Numbers

Email, Snail mail or both? In a world of increasing online commerce and social networking, is there still a place for old school direct mailing campaigns?   The short answer is… Read more »
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