The Greatest Accomplishment of Health Care Reform

health care reform
Health care reform
The recent barrage of political posturing over Health Care Reform has been a blessing. Finally, the American people understand how abusive the elected officials have been with our trust. With an administration touting transparency, back room deals and Chicago politics have no place upon the American ideals we were founded.

Disgusting would be an understatement. My idea of an elected official is not for them to say what they think I want to hear and then vote based on a deal made in a dungeon with the devil. Health Care Reform has put the arrogance of our elected officials on a national stage. The sleeping giant has been wakened! Health Care Reform has never been about Health Care Reform; it has been about power and control.

I fault the Obama administration for a colossal breach of trust. Shady deals have always been mired in politics. The Republicans were spending like drunken sailors which caused them to get fired by the American people. It was President Obama that campaigned on transparency and CSPAN cameras rolling with every decision. Instead, a super majority (elitists) all gathered in a room and started to carve out one-six of the GDP for the government to own. Please help me understand what the student loan program has to do with Health Care Reform.

In a brilliant display of defiance, the Obama administration and congressional leadership have continued to beat the Health Care Reform drum while the country is severely hemorrhaging jobs. They have taken the hill and raised the flag despite the fact that they are surrounded, out of ammunition and soon to be slaughtered. (Pun Intended) It is a case study for political blunders. Health Care Reform has brought consequences back to American politics!

The American people are not stupid. They understand that paying for something 3 years before they get to use it is not a benefit. Furthermore, they get the math of adding millions of patients to a program and how that will impact cost and quality of service. The audacity of Nancy Pelosi to stand before us and remark that we really need to pass the Health Care Reform bill to see what is in it. Where’s the transparency! Shame on you. We need real Health Care Reform, not some bloated new bureaucracy. We need the patient closer to the doctor, not government.

If the Health Care Reform legislation is so great, where are all the health care professionals supporting it? Why are the small businesses bound by indecisiveness? Trust me, it is not because they foresee manna from Washington, DC. When in our lifetimes has the American public been so vocal about an issue and disregarded? Sorry Union Bosses, I know you have been supporting Health Care Reform since the election, but you are not the majority.

What government program has had any success? Yes, our military and national defense. That is because of the all volunteer force and great leadership within, not because of the political infrastructure that obfuscates policy and rules of engagement. Again, it’s the people in this country that are great; not the government. Social Security is a mess. Medicaid is a sneak peek at what government Health Care Reform could be. No, Thank You. The Post Office is a train wreck. Our public school system cost is roughly $10,000 per student per year. Did you realize the average cost per student per year for a private school is $6600? It is $4250 for Catholic Schools. The public education budget is roughly the same size as our Health Care current expenditure based on GDP. What program has government ever demonstrated fiscal responsibility? Are there any successes? I think not. It is time to take big government to the boardroom and utter the phrase. “You’re Fired!”

Thank You Health Care Reform! The sleeping giant has been wakened. Americans are more engaged in politics than ever before. Health Care Reform has moved the rock and shined a bright light on all the critters (elected officials) running for cover. Maybe it is because the vast numbers of unemployed now have the time to follow the shenanigans. Fundamentally, it is because our trust has been violated. We will wean ourselves from big government. Time and time again, big government has proven to abuse power and the hard earned taxpayer dollars. Our founding fathers got it right. Our rights come from God and not government. I know they both start with a “G”, but that is where the similarity ends.