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How to Fly on Private Jet Charters at Affordable Business Prices

A spacious cabin area, dining space, extra comfortable seating and no lengthy immigration queues. Private jet charters are flying at their luxurious peak and it’s easy to see why. For… Read more »

5 Common Mistakes to Avoid for Newbie House Flippers

There’s so much trouble you can get into as a newbie property developer. So much you need to know about closing costs, tax rules for flipping, current mortgage rates, and… Read more »

Entrepreneurship is Not for Everyone – is it for you?

Over the past 5-10 years, we’ve seen a large career shift as more and more individuals begin taking the leap on their own as entrepreneurs. Today’s technology makes it possible… Read more »
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How to Become a Guest Contributor on Sites Like Huffington Post, Fast Company and More

On a recent episode of Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast, writer Kimanzi Constable shared his strategy for going from bread maker to author with more than 82,000 books sold.… Read more »

Why Contract Hire Business Vehicles Beats Buying Them

As with any financial decision, the choice to buy outright in cash, on finance, or on leasing can affect your balance books more than you might think. Finding the right… Read more »

Your Business Location: Factors to Consider

When it comes to shaping a business’ success, there are a number of contributory factors: the brains, talent and skill behind an enterprise, the funding in place, and its relevance,… Read more »

10 Ways to Give your Work Space a Much Needed Spring Clean

Spring is finally upon us, which means we can leave the office and experience real life sunlight (hopefully)! It also means it’s time to get everything tidy and organised. You’ve… Read more »

How to Win at Trade Shows as a New Entrepreneur

Attending and exhibiting at trade shows, for all types of business people, can be a really effective way to increase your number of business prospects and make important new contacts.… Read more »
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6 Strategies for Managing and Achieving Long-term Company Goals

The ability to effectively manage and keep track of long-term company goals is one of the most critical factors contributing to a young startup’s success. Doing so successfully however is… Read more »

Startups: Then and Now

Whether you’ve been laid off due to downsizing or are just in search of a change after dealing with the same things every day for too many years, knowing what… Read more »