How to Boost Closing Rates by 30 Percent

Boosting your closing rates simply by gaining more insights about your prospects. To most experienced salespeople, a 30% improvement might seem like a pipe dream, but keep reading and you’ll

Bring your Business Process Management to the Cloud: Comindware Process

When managing business operations in a mid- to large-size company, one issue that many of such corporations can’t deal with efficiently: Processes. Business processes need to be completed to accomplish

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Q&A with Dr. Jan Ihmels, the Co-Founder/CEO of

Speaking a different language is a perk for every entrepreneur. However, you need to hone your language skills continuously. Well, there’s an app for that, called To learn more

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Project Management: The Perks of Working in an Agile Shop

The agile methodology in association with project management is all about embracing change. Its flexible platform supports the dynamic nature of industry as well as all the ups and downs

6 Apps for Small Business Owners on the Move

Today’s business owners can’t spend all day sitting in their offices. The most productive work often happens out in the field. That’s why you need these six apps for small

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Use VoIP and Cut Operational Costs in 2015

Experts claim that VoIP phone systems are an effective way for small companies to reduce expenses. They even say you can cut your phone bill by 50%. These systems are

Top Benefits of CRM and ERP Testing and Automation for the Enterprise

The enterprise has benefited in innumerable ways through the power of automation. However, businesses seem, on the most part, lacklustre in their uptake of testing and updating for their various

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5 Reasons Why SaaS is a Silver Bullet for the Finance Department

If you work in a finance department, your whole world revolves around making numbers work for your company. Today’s economy means doing more with less, and when it looks like

5 Online Calculators Every Small Business Needs

Whether you’re already established or just getting started with your business plan (and all the aggravation and time constraints that goes along with the process) expenses will always be mounting

6 Reasons Your Business Should Use Text Marketing

If you are like most business owners, you know how important marketing is for your business you’re just not sure which method of marketing is the most affordable and effective.