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What does the Onshore Intermediaries Legislation Mean for Recruitment in The Future?

The Onshore Intermediaries Legislation has been in effect since the start of April 2014 now and most recruiters are probably busy getting to grips with understanding how to comply with… Read more »

The Advantages of Becoming Self-Employed

If you’re seriously considering self-employment, it’s important to be aware of the benefits and the challenges of striking out on your own. Becoming self-employed can be challenging and even quite… Read more »
Personal Development

A Small Business Owner’s Toolbox for Emotional Success

I’m a small business owner, a contractor, a writer, a wife, a daughter and a mom, among many other things. To say that I wear many hats is to say… Read more »

3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Become Self Employed

Have you been self employed for a while or perhaps an idea you’ve only just started considering? Working for yourself can offer freedom, independence and power as well as flexibility… Read more »