3 Amazing Reasons Why You Should Become Self Employed

Have you been self employed for a while or perhaps an idea you’ve only just started considering?

Working for yourself can offer freedom, independence and power as well as flexibility from working a nine-to-five job. You can make your own choice about work; enhance your career to the next level by taking greater responsibilities; and push your own business to boost revenue.

self employed
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Being self-employed is not an easy task and it does require a lot of initial donkey-work and effort, but the outcomes far outweigh any negatives. There are certainly a number of benefits that come with working solo which you should think about.

More money

Whatever industry your skills lie in, there is more money to be made by working self employed. You can earn more money simply because the average contractor rate is double that of a full-time employee, and you are paid by the hour. You are given a high rate because your skills are specialist and because you work flexibly, which means businesses can just hire you as and when they need you.

What is more, there are a number of expenses and allowances which you can reclaim such as mileage and accommodation costs, so this can further cut your tax bill.

Better Flexibility

You are effectively your own boss so you can pick and choose your own working hours. You also have the freedom of being able to pick who you work with and which projects you undertake. You’ll also be able to set how much you charge for your services and where you work too.

The flexibility is fantastic for individuals that crave excitement and variation; as well as workers that have responsibilities such as children. This freelance IT contractor described the flexibility of working for herself as the best thing about freelancing.

Career Development

Are your tired of the same old job day after day? Going self employed can provide you with a chance to take your career to the next level. You can develop your career in way that suits you; you can expand your skills and widen your experience to better yourself within the industry you specialise in.

Expand your knowledge and insight into different company processes and structures, and build-up an award-winning, knock-out CV with an extensive list of references.

But in addition to gaining invaluable career experience, you will also personally develop from the exposure to different personalities, cultures and practices from the wider range of clients you will serve.

A tip to consider if you are toying with the idea of becoming your own boss is to go part-time. It is a big decision to quit your full time job and if freelancing is not right for you, it is a hasty choice to make during such difficult economic times. Venture into contractor work slowly with some part-time experience, build up your knowledge of the industry and figure out if this is for you.

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