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Charity Online – Setting Up a Website For a Non-Profit Organisation in 7 Simple Steps

Setting up a website for your not-for-profit organisation (NFP) or charity may seem like a large task. Between writing effective text, and setting up a secure site, there seems an… Read more »
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5 Signs a Website is in Dire Need for Professional Help

Small business owners know how to grab an opportunity to better their business when it presents itself. Last year, surveys showed that up to 46% of small businesses didn’t have… Read more »
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7 Critical Web Design Mistakes to Avoid

A business website is perhaps one of the most important marketing tools for success. It unthinkable to not have an online presence in today’s global, round the clock, high speed… Read more »
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How Poor Website Design Can be Detrimental to Your ROI

A poorly designed website, which can be caused by a whole range of factors, is ultimately going to have a significant impact. From a business perspective, this equates to losing… Read more »
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5 Techie Trends That Will Change Web Design And User Experience

Tech advances rapidly. This particularly holds true in web design and user experience (UX.) If you want to stay competitive in today’s fast-moving world, you’d better tap into the trends… Read more »

Advantages of Working With a Local Web Designer

One of the most important choices that you will ever make when you choose a web designer is whether you use a local design company or you outsource the services.… Read more »
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What are the Most Essential Elements of an Effective Business Website?

Whether you’re just starting out with a business, or you’re looking to create a personal website, it’s imperative to showcase the right features for the right audience in the most… Read more »

Important Considerations in Website Design for Start-ups

One of the biggest issues that start-ups have to consider today is website design. If you operate an e-commerce website, then you will need to make sure that your site… Read more »

How Well is Your Small Business Website Converting?

You run a small business so the likelihood is you are extremely busy doing all sorts of things, that said I have a question for you, when was the last… Read more »

Web Design Services for Small Business

Chalcedony DesignI would like to take this opportunity to announce the relaunch of my web design business, Chalcedony Design, serving small business owners with website and blog design and building.… Read more »