Passive Income Business

Passive income businessI love passive income business. I crave for passive income business. I pursue passive income business.

There’s nothing better in the business world, both online and offline, than passive income business.

What do I mean by passive income business? It’s businesses that requires minimal to no active involvement of the business owner.

The essence of passive income business is time and freedom. You can be a high-earning professionals, but when you stop working, you stop earning. You can also own a business and work full time in it, typically sole proprietor companies, but your problems are similar to those of professionals.

What about blogging? Yes, you can earn big time by blogging – Some make by the hundreds of dollar per month, a small few earn a six digit income per month. In those, there are one-man bloggers and passive-income bloggers (usually multi-author blogs.) Just like offline businesses.

Passive income business lets you decide when and how to work – usually at a minimum level of involvement.

The example of passive income business

Offline business – business that involving no or little uses of Internet and online activities

  • Coin operated business – car wash, arcade games, candy dispensing
  • Real estate business – from rental incomes
  • Stock investing and passive business ownership – from dividends

Online business – Internet business

  • User generated content business – forums, galleries, directories, web proxies, download sites
  • Multi-authored blogs and webzines
  • Information product sales – e-books, membership sites –

Those are some of the limitless number of passive income business opportunities. The possibilities are limited only by your creativity.

I always seek for new business ventures that are passive business – I am LAZY and enjoy FREEDOM – owning passive businesses just right for me. Most people consider return on investment (ROI) and break even point (BEP) as number one priority. To me, the number one priority is no owner involvement – even for longer ROI and BEP period.

Passive business is hip and cool. What do you think?

Enjoy your business journey!

Ivan Widjaya
Passive business owner

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