The Power of Being Nice

Being nicePeople easily irritated. Especially in big city living, patience is divine. Patience usually relates to being nice. In any part of the world, small city or sub-urban people always beat big city or metropolitan people in therm of patience and being nice.

I remember when I was living in Wolverhampton, West Midlands region, United Kingdom – being a big city person myself, living in Wolverhampton is a great experience. People move at a slower pace. People have more time just to say, “hello” or “how are you?” or, my best phrase, “you’re alright?” – people are so nice and patience.

When I went to London, 4 hours train ride from Wolverhampton, it’s totally different – like other big cities around the world, people move at lightning pace. No more chit-chat (unless you are in a pub). People STOP being nice and patience. Feels and sounds familiar, but I prefer living in Wolverhampton. :)

In business, there are some similarities to what I experienced living in a small city and a big city – there are people that are aggressive, cold and an image that more resembles a Man In Black or Matrix than a businessman. Then, there are people that are nice, easy to work with, and negotiable.

Relationship building is crucial – as you might know, the number one asset in business is network. No matter how much money you have, you can’t simply do well in business unless you network. When you network, you deal with many kind of personalities.

Do you know what is the number one ‘weapon’ in networking and getting a ‘vote’ from fellow network member? Being nice. Being nice, patience and helpful.

Just to clarify, being nice is not a sign of weakness – being nice means knowing how to achieve a result YOU WANT by helping others get what THEY WANT.

Here’s the benefit of being nice to people, including to your prospects, colleagues, and even your competitors:

  1. Being nice equals pleasant personality. Pleasant personality equals more people liking you. More people liking you mean more edge, more leads, and more supporters for you. More supporters mean you can achieve your goal easier.
  2. Being nice and positive, even when you are under heavy pressure and critics will increase your credibility – people will see you as a mature and dependable businessman – a good person to work with.
  3. Yes, people might use you due to your pacifist approach, but coupled with strong sense of knowing your limit, those people will actually ‘forget’ to do so, and forced to play honest to you.
  4. Don’t expect any return from your act of being nice and helpful – but believe me, being nice will eventually bring positive things in your life – sometimes, in an unexpected way.
  5. Being nice makes you feel good about yourself – this is beneficial in growing yourself as a person and bringing positive energy into your business.

The business world needs a lot of, and more of, good and nice people – badly need them. Being a part of this elite group of people will help you and others to achieve their goals.

Ivan Widjaya
Being nice