10 Reasons Why Recession is Good for You

Recession will push your creativity to the limitEconomy today causes most of us headaches – not only in the US but all over the world.

In my country, the economy condition is quite severe – prices soars, essentials scarce, inflation rate rises, and many more.

However, recession does bring good things in life. Here is 10 reasons why recession is good for you.

  1. For you investing in precious metal, recession soars your investment value. For you that haven’t do so, will start thinking about investing in a more stable and inflation-free investment options, which is a good move. And, oh, buy dollar now.
  2. Recession push you to work smarter – You will use more creativity juices to tackle the recession, which leads to better productivity and more breakthroughs.
  3. Recession is good for your personal finance and money management. Recession will push you to re-manage your personal finance – you will count every penny spent more vigorously than ever.
  4. You will live a healthier and greener life – You will start thinking to change your light bulbs to LEDs, reducing non-essential household power consumption, walking the pavement or riding a bicycle instead of driving a car, less eating out and more home cooking, less meat eating and more vegetable eating, and many other benefits.
  5. Retail businesses will usually, by nature, offering you more discounts and perks at a longer period to attract and retain customers and visitors, which is good for you.
  6. You will live a more religious life – you will think of God more and seek for spiritual guidances more.
  7. Energy saving and alternative energy companies will reach record high in sales. New energy-related business will be established and gain better success rate.
  8. What comes down must comes up – nothing better than a rebounding economy – be sure you ready to ride the wave to reap the reward.
  9. Recession will make family members think more of their family – Stronger bond, stronger will to survive the recession – definitely a good thing!
  10. Be strong and take courage – Recession will test and form your character and willpower. When the recession has passed, you are becoming a new and better man.

Ivan Widjaya
Recession is good