How to be a Successful Entrepreneur

Pablo Picasso - do something you can not do so you can learn how to do itI respect what Pablo Picasso said, that he always do something he can’t do, so he can learn how to do it. That’s what also the essence of noobpreneurship (See what is all about.)

The best way to succeed as an entrepreneur

If you want to be able to ride a bicycle, you have to learn on the road, riding it! You can’t learn riding a bicycle by reading a text book, a manual, a periodical, or a journal. You can learn all about bicycle; But riding it, is a totally different issue. You fall with your bicycle on top of you – you get up, and try again. Better yet, install 2 supporting wheels so that you can get used to pedaling and balancing your bike – when the time comes, uninstall the supporting wheels, and off you go exploring the world!

Just like bicycling, entrepreneurship adopt the same learning pattern. You study hard at your college, learning the ins and outs of business and entrepreneurship. Or, you didn’t attend college, but you learn through seminars, and read lots of books about entrepreneurship. All is useful, but not paramount.

What is paramount in entrepreneurship? Learning by doing. Like the ol’ riding a bike stuff I mentioned above.

Here’s five facts of life you might want to experience in order to success as an entrepreneur:

  1. You can’t ace your way through wealth and riches without actually doing it – start a business NOW.
  2. You HAVE TO fail, to succeed – just like learning to ride a bike the first time.
  3. You can have your own ‘supporting wheels’ – mentors, advisers, trainers, and other experts in the area of entrepreneurship you like – to help you avoid failing too often. When the time comes, you can do it on your own (although usually mentors are in a lifetime relationship with entrepreneurs) – but, you get my point.
  4. You HAVE to experience rejection – a great marketer never be one if he/she never experience constant rejections; Even great marketers are born because of rejections; Rejections make you stronger and smarter in facing prospects.
  5. You don’t have anything on a silver platter, even if you want it – unless you are of Yahoo!’s Semel clan; You have to bust your @ss off to build a business and become one, successful, entrepreneur.

Learning by doing make you becoming a man.

Ivan Widjaya
Bustin’ my @ss off

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