Stop Acting Like a Baby and be a Man!

Determination to ace the competitionIn business world, do you know what irritates people a lot?

It’s when someone is whining all the time – virtually about everything – “The recession is killing me!”… “Oh, my business is not good”… “I hate my suppliers”… etc.

Yes, all of it might be true – but as a business person you are required to have resilience – you can’t afford to affect people surrounding you with nagging and whining.

Acting a baby will kill your management team, and eventually, your business

From my experience owning a business with employees, how you carry yourself in the business affects heavily on your employees attitude and determination toward their jobs.

I once make a mistake in a meeting by seeing issues from a glass half-empty view – as a result, my employees are immediately perform worse than before, with low morale and negative outlook on the company they work in. It is devastating, and it took months through a series of meetings and briefings to get them back on track.

If you think motivating your employees is hard, don’t nag and whine in front of your employees! Believe me, it’s beyond hard to motivate them after your negative remarks and comments.

Acting like a baby will not gain you any respect from your peer

It is also true when you network with other business people – By whining and nagging, you only get respect from people that feel the same way as you do – but you don’t get respect from the majority of business people in your network. All they see is that you don’t have enough drive to ace the competition, hence you are not a best fit as a partner to work with.

People attract others alike – By acting like a baby, you will only attract other babies – Is it good for you and your business? I don’t think so!

How to stop acting like a baby and be a man

You can start by viewing things half-full – it’s actually not an option, it’s a necessity to survive the competition. No matter how unfair things can be or how bad the outlook is, staying positive is a must if you want to be a respected business person. Trust me, being positive has compounding effect on your management team and peer. You will gain respect, and in turn, they will look to you for advice and put you on the highlight – which is good for your personal branding and your business.

If you can’t find a way to be positive, look for others that can help you – preferably a mentor. Seek real life mentors that have a lot of ins-and-outs personally.

If you look for mentor on the Internet, look no further than Steve Pavlina. Read his blog,, and be sure to involve in the community – His blog does help me a lot, especially during hard times.

Be positive, and be a man!

Ivan Widjaya
An ex-baby