5 Easy Ways to Motivate Yourself

Motivate a teammate, motivate yourselfEvery entrepreneur and noobpreneur alike have faced these – having low morale, having low motivation, and having bad days.

When everything seems wrong and unsatisfactory, you need to stop doing what you are doing right now, and ponder. What to ponder? The first thing to ponder is on how to motivate yourself, so that you can see things in better perspective.

You can’t perform well under negative perspective about YOUR personal and business life – notice the caps on the word ‘your’ – why? Because you are the important entity here; Your are on the spotlight.

You need to put the positive energy back, for one reason – your family, your business, and your own life depend on how well you manage your emotion. Your family members, colleagues, and employees seek for ‘good aura’ from you. If you are positive, they are positive. If they are positive, YOUR days will brighten up.

5 easy ways to motivate yourself

I have 5 tips – tried and true by myself :) – on how to motivate yourself, as an entrepreneur:

  1. People emotionally seek for happiness and avoid from suffering.
    Focus on the latest – Why? Because human brain ‘works hard’ not to face suffering. Suffering is the best motivator, so far. Say to yourself, “If I gave up, my business would ruined and I make a name for myself as a quitter – I DON’T want that, do I?”
  2. Write a journal or blog your thought.
    It’s an everlasting advice on managing your mind (and emotion), and still a very effective one today – writing. Today, you can blog your thought out – and while in the process, who knows you can get businesses from your blog readers?
  3. Exercise and do some sport activities.
    Let your adrenalin rush in and release your tension – going to the gym, playing basketball, or playing golf – anything. Golf? yep – included. In fact, it’s the best of all (I gotta learn to play golf soon – great sport, great therapy, and great deal making sport!)
  4. Attend seminars or gatherings of people that share your vision.
    The people surrounding you are the best motivator agents – You will, sooner or later, be positive if the people around you were positive. You simply can not help it – It just happens.
  5. Speak positive words, because you heard yourself well.
    For a while, stop listening to others and start listening to yourself – teach, motivate, share thoughts and converse with others (be warned: don’t whine or rant – Just teach what you know and what you learn about your experience) or even speak in front of the mirror to yourself – You are a good listener to yourself. By speaking your mind off, you teach yourself, as well as others.

There. 5 easy ways to motivate yourself – You might say, “easy, my foot!”

But, come on now. You are an entrepreneur – entrepreneurship is a challenging career path – nothing is too hard for you, I suppose. If you can handle your employees and customers, you can handle yourself well.

What if I guaranteed that those 5 tips work? Backed with 30 days money back guarantee? :D Just kidding – but you catch my drift – Try them, because if they work well on me, they might also work well for you.

Ivan Widjaya
Motivating myself days in and days out