Made for Google

Made for GoogleDo you know what a MFA – Made for AdSense?

It’s a term that describes websites that are made optimised for Google AdSense. The layout and design of the websites allow the best possible location for AdSense ads to convert.

Well, there are also a Made for Google – that is, creating web applications that are created with a hope – that someday Google or Yahoo! might want it. FeedBurner and Blogger are the prominent examples of companies that are acquired by Google.

There are some rare real cases out there, but let’s take a look in a ‘smaller’ case.

There’s a man, Gurbaksh Chahal – Not at Bill Gates’ prodigy level, but what he did is nearly as impressive. I found his interview from

In short, Gurbaksh Chahal dropped out of school at 16 to found the online ad network ClickAgents. Two years later, he sold it to ValueClick for $40 million in stock. Then, he started BlueLithium, a global onine ad network that implement behavioral targeting. In 2007, Yahoo! acquired the business for $300 million. And, he serial entrepreneurship plans more of this coming.

Impressive, indeed. Anyway, he is just 25 years old. His current net worth is more than $100 million. Do the math.

A tip or two from him, on how to create a company that is made for the behemoths:

– Of course, create something of high value – cutting edge, useful, web based technology with unlimited potential and be one of the top on the Net – this is the hardest part.
– To appeal to the likes of Google and Yahoo!, you might want to own a company that everybody wants that is not for sale.
– Make the behemoths realise that they needed you, not the other way around.
– Do a PR in such a way that Google or Yahoo! heard about your company from different sources in different ways – that will attract them to your company rather than you going to them.

Great tips. The next question is, how to find (and create) a cutting edge, useful, web based technology that will make you being chased around by Google?

Ivan Widjaya
Made for Google