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How to be an Influential Person

Oprah - the influential personHere is a food for thought just for you – have you ever wondered why people don’t want to listen to you?

Well, some people just don’t listen to you:

  • Your family members
  • Your friends
  • Your colleagues
  • Your employees

You see, the problem with the last two in the list – colleagues and employees is, that even if you are an influential person in your family and your circle of friends, you can’t always be an influential person in business world.

You might not want to agree with me, but in my opinion, the business world and the personal world are two different world. Yes, you can mix them – but most of the times it won’t work. And being influential in both worlds take practice and experience.

My own experience

In the past, I’ve been ‘bullied’ by my colleagues for being a passive person. I loved to wait and see. I didn’t have the guts to break the corporate culture and do what I think is right. Not much people dare enough to do so.

But, I learn from a relative that breaking the corporate culture might just be the right thing to do – she climbed the corporate ladder fast and left others in the dust – she was known as an influential person.

From others experience and mentorship, I finally on the right track to be an influential person. And being an introvert and a socio-phobia person, to be influential is a big milestone in my life.

How to be an influential person

Here’s a practical tip on how to be an influential person in both worlds:

  • You have to initiate things – don’t sit in the corner and keep quiet.
  • You have to be involved in social activities – busy in your own world just doesn’t help at all.
  • You have to comment and communicate your opinion – people love to hear opinions; that’s why talk shows work.
  • You have to be controversial – at least once in a while; controversies turn people’s head to you.
  • You have to help others – genuinely.
  • You have to lead by example – people just love doers.
  • You have to be outspoken occasionally – don’t keep your opinion to yourself; by keeping it to yourself, others won’t know what values you have.
  • You have to choose a side – you can’t stay in the middle of the road; it’s too dangerous.

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Being influential

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