Work at Home Wonders

Work at home wondersWorking at home is never been easier today. Working at home is hip.

Especially with the presence of the Internet, working at home is even made more accessible to more and more of us.

Why the word accessible used? Because before, even when people want it, you can’t afford to work at home – the opportunities are limited and the earning potential is capped. And so the stereotype that people choosing to work at home are moms, hence the acronym – WAHM – Work at Home Mom, because dads have to work hard outside the house.

It’s not the case anymore.

The Internet see no gender or social status. Men and women, poor and rich – all can take the opportunity to earn money through the Internet. Working at home is a possibility, if not a lifestyle, for all.

You can work as a professional at home. You can own a business with dozens of employees at home. You can have an investment portfolio at home. Whatever you can normally do outside the house, now you can do it at home. Beautiful and powerful.

And, working at home create more opportunities – you can start your businesses at the comfort of your home. Quick turnaround times for startups, much cheaper startup cost, and better exit strategy if anything goes wrong. You can start another business in no time – again, beautiful and powerful :)

The perks of working at home

Working at home has its own perks.

  1. You can work in your pajamas.
  2. You can work while enjoying better quality times with your family.
  3. You don’t have to commute for hours to get to work.
  4. You don’t have to pay for leases.
  5. Although the disabled has better opportunities nowadays, but nothing beat the opportunities of working at home for people with disabilities.

The perils of working at home

As other things in life, every good things has something bad in them. That’s life. :)

  1. Family members, especially children, can be a major distraction to you.
  2. You can be viewed as unprofessional by nature – people expects you in your pajamas, anyway.
  3. Mixing home life and work spaces could be a headache – you have to plan your spaces well.
  4. Suddenly, seeing you around, neighbours, family and friends can ask for your favour a lot – so distracting most of the times.
  5. Working at home tends to isolate and limit you from communicating with others.

Work at home is a wonder for the right person

Working at home is not for everyone, no matter how beneficial it might be.

In my humble opinion, working at home is at it best if you are related to the Internet use to do business.

Another reason is today’s recession and rising gas prices might be the right reason to think about working at home – for less commuting and operating cost.

To me, working at home is a humongous opportunity. What about you?

Ivan Widjaya
WAHD – Working at Home Dad