Young Entrepreneur – How Young is Too Young?

Young Entrepreneur - (c) ProBlogger.netI am a firm believer that entrepreneurs can be taught, whether he/she is born with it or not.

I am my first and foremost case – I am born not as an entrepreneur. My role models were not entrepreneur. However, later in life, a few books changes my career path and orientation.

I feel that people are lucky enough to learn entrepreneurship early in life.

Some people asked, ” when is the right time to teach a child about entrepreneurship?”

Some answered, “when a child is a teenager, maybe it’s the right time.”

Some other answered, “No child is too young to learn entrepreneurship.”

I’ll answer, “As a child understand the basic concept of money, then it’s time to teach entrepreneurship.”

As I always believe and intrigue, the Internet opens up many opportunities.

Robert Kiyosaki learn entrepreneurship at 9. Many entrepreneurs learn entrepreneurship at their early teen.

The Internet opens up many possibilities

Making money is more accessible by virtually anybody with an Internet access.

Internet has created many teenpreneurs, as well as teen millionaires.

I’ve recently visited a blog – Small Fish Big Money – about everything money making online – operated by a 16 y.o. It’s, in my opinion, one of my top blogs in the blogosphere.

I’ve also dealt with an 18 y.o. British gentleman owning an online marketing company, making thousands of dollar a month doing coaching.

And many more examples.

How young is too young

I mentioned above – I believe someone can be taught entrepreneurship as soon as he/she understand the basic concept of money. Meaning, he/she understand that money doesn’t grow on trees :)

People would voice a disagreement on this – “C’mon… they are too young to learn such stuff… let them enjoy their childhood like other kids – doing fun stuff and be merry.”

I’ll say, “entrepreneurship IS fun! If they could learn to have fun with entrepreneurship stuff, chances are, they will enjoy a great entrepreneurship career because it’s what they enjoy doing since their childhood.”

For you entrepreneurs that have children – teach yours early will eventually help themselves… and you later on.

Take a look at Richard Branson of the Virgin empire. He teach his children to value the money they have by not spoiling them with expensive and glamourous stuff. One example, his kids fly economy class, not business class.

The Creme de la creme

Starting out right, in life, will almost guarantee a great life years to come.

If a young person doesn’t get a chance to learn the right thing about money and entrepreneurship, someday someone will teach them about it – the wrong way.

Avoid this by equipping and supporting the young men not to ‘waste’ their youth, and they shall not be wasted :)

Ivan Widjaya
Never underestimate young age