Paranoia Marketing

Stay calm art - (c) cbc.caHere I coined a new phrase for you – Paranoia Marketing :)

What is Paranoia Marketing?

Paranoia marketing simply means marketing to the paranoids.

Paranoid of what?

Many things that involve the following statement: “I’m afraid I’ll run out of money 5 years after I retire.” “I don’t want to open a business – it’s too risky… what if I have to handle stealing emplooyees? What if I’m pushed out of the business?” “I don’t want to eat this – I don’t see how the chef handle the hygine my food.” “I don’t want to learn to drive – I’m afraid I can handle the car and hit someone on the street.” etc. etc.

But, you get the point, right?

People are driven by the pursuit of happiness and the avoidance of all things negative. Most of the time, the latter influences you the most than the former.

Do you want a proof? Consider this –

If you offered a legit sum of money of $1 million, but you have to had your fingers cut as a trade, would you still do the deal? Most of you, I believe, will answer no.

Paranoia is driven by the avoidance of all things negative I mentioned above.

Paranoia makes you re-asess the options you have – paranoia makes you over-reactive on things.

How exactly paranoia marketing works

Paranoia marketing is to offer the paranoids a solution that ensure them to feel save and secure, more emotionally than physically.

The impulse factor is fear and worry about something, thus increasing the conversion rate. But enough talking theory. Here’s to illustrate what I meant:

For example:


Recession hits many people. The number 1 fear of recession hitting people is the insecurity they feel about their future, in term of finance.


An insurance company do a marketing campaign which message is, “Avoid recession disastrous impact on your family with our all-new health and wealth protection program that guarantee you peace of mind in difficult times.”


That’s, my friend, is paranoia marketing ;)

In my opinion, companies developing and deploying effective paranoia marketing will eventually ride through the recession to reap their reward.

Agreeable? Please share your opinion :)

Ivan Widjaya
Paranoia marketing