Gold PR Review: Boutique Digital PR Firm

Bigger is not always better, especially when it comes to marketing. You need a personal touch instead of ancient tried and tested methods. Every business has its unique needs, and you need to find someone who respects that.

This is where Boutique marketing comes; these companies don’t put a price on their marketing models because they offer a unique approach to assess your customers. This custom approach drives better results and saves your money. These companies are client and result oriented.

Gold PR, headed by CEO Shari Gold, is one of the more recognised boutique marketing firms, and following we will see what makes it so unique.

Shari Gold - CEO of Gold PR
photo credit: Gold PR

Initial Impression of Gold PR

Gold PR is an award-winning online marketing agency. This boutique Digital PR firm uses a data-driven approach to bring in exponential results and help emerging brands become established names whereas it helps established brands to become market leaders.

The company is inducted in the 2018 Inc.5000 and currently ranks at #3172. During its 17 years of service, the company managed to won several accolades including two Bulldog Awards (Bronze and Silver), Three PR News Awards and Two American Business Awards (Silver and Gold).

The company employs a small but passion-driven team that uses effective tactics to help their clients succeed.

Company History

Shari Gold, the CEO of Gold PR shares her story as she tells us; she started the agency in the second bedroom of her condo about 17 years ago. At that time, she had no clients; minimal resources and a 90 day period with do or die approach for her business.

Today, Gold PR operates two offices in Los Angeles and New York. The company is blessed with a talented team and a loyal consumer base. She further added, her company now exceeds an annual revenue of $14.2 million.

Furthermore, she is proud that her company is inducted in the list of Inc. 5000 Methodology. The 2018 Inc. 5000 ranks according to revenue growth percentage comparing company performances between 2014-2018.

Services Offered by Gold PR

Gold PR helps you build your professional network and maintains a strong relationship with your clients. Gold PR adds a personal touch to everything and goes to the extra mile to exceed expectations. Being a Digital PR Boutique, it specialises in the following services:

  • Public Relations
  • Consumer and B2B
  • Corporation Communications
  • Communication Training
  • Social Media
  • Strategy
  • Content and Story Telling
  • Word of Mouth
  • Education
  • Analytics
  • Social Performance Marketing
  • Digital
  • Digital Strategy
  • Creative Production
  • Media

Gold PR carries out its responsibility with creative freedom; this is something you won’t find in a full-service agency. Working with such an agency helps you to grow together. This agency researches the market in depth before starting to lay the groundwork for its strategy. Yes, it does that for every client. It uses integrated marketing and comes with a compelling narrative to drive more clients to the user site.

What Makes Gold PR So Special?

The company is strictly data-driven. The company emphasises the importance of data, insights, analysis, and innovation. It looks at the market landscape to lay a solid foundation. Gold PR practices integrated marketing with rigorous content to attract clients. It carefully plans and measures before executing a marketing strategy to drive potential clients, and close sales.

It focuses on establishing emerging brands and help established brands become the market leaders. The company focuses on doing work worthy of notice. It tries to educate the public about a brand and its product before firing a concrete marketing campaign. Yes, it doesn’t only deliver the message. Instead, it makes sure the message was received and understood by the targeted audience.

Where is the Company Today?

The company has made its way in the INC. 5000. Yes, it ranks 3172 among the 5000 fastest growing businesses today. As the company was founded 17 years ago, it won more than ten industry awards. Yes, it made an impact with its approach to promote a brand with real insights, analytics, and ROI.

Gold PR pursues organisational results. It forms a collaborative partnership with its clients to create a practical approach to tackle the audience. This collaboration focuses on treating challenges as opportunities and lays the groundwork for future growth.

Gold PR specialises in PR marketing, with a twist

What’s There to Like?

Gold PR uses creative and experimental marketing approach. It specialises in cutting-edge social media, mobile, and video marketing. It doesn’t pump marketing messages through high profile channels. Instead, it uses innovative marketing to capture the audience. This firm solves even the most challenging problems through passion and creativity.

Fortunately, boutique firms are not saddled by layers of management that focus on the growth of company and revenue stream instead of the customer. Boutique firms like Gold PR, on the other hand, focuses on helping their customers establish new relationships, lead conversations and sales.

Boutique firm lacks the resources to serve several industries like big advertisement agencies. It would appear as the boutique had defined its audience a while back, and wants to serve it only. Yes, Gold PR is only known to focus on the following industries:

  • Health Care
  • Medical
  • Hospitality
  • Consumer Products
  • Consumer Services
  • Leisure

We would like the say the company has done an incredible job serving these niches, however, its time the company expands its horizon to other industries, especially after winning several accolades. So far, there are no developments. It would appear as Gold PR is still focusing on serving the current clientele.


Gold PR is among the best marketing firms. While it adopts several tried and tested approach, it is not afraid to experiment and go out of its way to deliver results. The company is known for its data-driven yet innovative ways to convey the message to masses.

Being a boutique, it serves an exclusive clientele but offers cutting edge marketing campaign that helps you stand apart from others. It doesn’t use one-size-fit-everyone approach. Instead, it works with you to construct a personalised marketing strategy that suits your business. It offers you a focused strategy exclusively built around your needs.