Entrepreneurs Should Play Games to Hone Their Skills

Strategy gameI admit it – I am a game freak. I play online games, I play console games, and I play PC games.

I can play 18 hours a day non stop, and now I stop doing it because I have businesses and family to give my attention to :)

But my passion on games is never receding.

In fact, playing games keeps me sharp and creative.

How games help entrepreneurs to be more creative and productive

Games can help entrepreneurs to be more creative and a better decision maker.

I particularly enjoy strategy and sport games. Both games categories help me think strategically and tactically.

You see, as researchers concluded – interactivity is key to better learning. This is not only particularly true for children development, but also true for entrepreneurs.

Employee training in some big companies uses multimedia training with high interactivity – even with game-like environment, to help employees gain more and better understanding on the subject they were trained for.

Even in some companies, there are game rooms to be enjoyed by the employees – the purpose is to achieve better socialisation and communication, better creativity and lesser stress level. All benefits both the company and the employees.

In my opinion, mini games with simple concepts can help you a bit differently – it is easy to understand but challenging to play. Moreover, being simple, the games are actually help entrepreneurs to take a break from their hectic schedule and stress, while ‘train’ their creativity.

TD Games or Tower Defense games – a genre of strategy games, for example – help me to think tactically as well as quick decision making. I guess Malcolm Gladwell, the Blink! bestseller book author, play TD Games a lot… :D

If you are not keen on playing computer or console games, I think you should try to play a game or two right now, given the benefits of them.

Treat them like the seminars you are invited to come but you feel lazy to attend – they are actually useful, whether you interested on the subject or not :)

Ivan Widjaya

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