Entrepreneurs – Here Are 5 Savvy Ways To Boost Your Creativity

Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy – there’s constant pressure to come up with exciting new ideas which can transform the lives of consumers, whilst keeping your business afloat at the same time.

However, if you employ the right amount of creative thinking, there’s potential for you to accomplish amazing things.

Businesswoman doing creative thinking

With that in mind, here are five savvy ways you can boost your creativity.

1. Change up your surroundings

When you’re working in the same surroundings, it’s easy to fall into familiar old routines and ways of working.

Changing things up a bit will help rectify this, this could be something as subtle as rearranging the items on your desk or even switching between different workspaces.

A fresh environment can help spark fresh and innovative ideas which could revolutionise your business.

2. Walking

We spend a lot of time sitting at work, which is bad is bad for your health and for your mood, which means it can seriously dampen your creativity.

Walking, on the other hand, helps keep your mind and body active so that those creative juices start flowing free. In fact, a study by Stanford University found that your creative output is boosted by an average of 60% when walking.

So next time you’re having a meeting or doing some business strategizing, step away from your desk and head off on a walk – it works for likes of Mark Zuckerberg.

3. Socialise

Socialising isn’t just an opportunity to detach yourself from your work; it also allows you to unwind, have some fun and develop as a person.

In fact, hanging out with other people will enable you to uncover new ways of thinking, as well as gain an outsider’s perspective on issues relating to your business niche.

It’s also you chance to share plans and ideas with people outside your industry who you trust and are comfortable with, before implementing them in a workplace environment.

Focused businessman learning about business strategy

4. Be open-minded

Allowing yourself to be open to new ideas is key to creativity because once you can accept new knowledge and ways of thinking without judgement, you’ll be able to uncover something useful from anything.

So be open to new ways of working and learning new skills which help broaden your perspective. Learning a new skill couldn’t be easier in the digital age, with course providers such as Future Learn offering a wide selection of online courses.

5. Travel

We’ve all heard that age old adage ‘travel broadens the mind’ – it really does.

Travel allows you to visit new places with inspiring landscapes and experience different ways of living, all of which helps free those creative juices. It’s also a great opportunity to spot emerging global trends, which you can capitalise on back home.

So choose your destination, book your flights and pack your bags. Remember to book your parking too – you’ll find airport parking deals on SkyParkSecure.com for Southampton and other UK hubs. Then you’ll be ready for a mind-blowing trip.

Follow these five top tips and your mind will be flooded with wild and wonderful business ideas.

Over to you…

What other ways can you boost your creativity? Share your ideas in the comments section.