Entrepreneurs: How to Boost Your Creativity?

The success of your business depends on your creativity. This is true even if your business isn’t in what would be considered a creative industry. That’s because it’s your creativity that will find solutions to problems, improvements in efficiency, tactics to outsmart your competitors and ways to entice new customers.

You probably don’t realise how important your creativity is and how far it’s already taken you. If you are a business owner of any sort, you are creative and your business is depending on it.

The problem is, our creativity is easily stifled. Especially when we are busy. When we are operating in a fog of adrenalin and stress we are less creative and that can harm our business.

Creative co-founders

So how can we keep our creative edge? Great question. Here are some things to boost your creativity:

Quality Sleep

Studies have proven that quality rest and sleep unlock creative problem solving skills. Studies by the University of California suggest that rapid eye movement (REM) sleep improves the ability to solve new problems creatively. That’s because during REM sleep our brains are stimulating ideas and the connections between them.

Longer periods of REM sleep occur towards the end of our sleep. That’s why having a good nights sleep is beneficial to our creativity. When you don’t get a full night’s sleep of 7-8 hours, you are limiting your brain’s REM sleep which limits your ability to creatively solve new problems when you’re awake.

New Experiences

Many creative writers and thinkers have drawn inspiration from international travel. Experiencing new cultures, tastes, languages and sounds have been proven to increase cognitive flexibility in the brain. This is the ability of the mind to jump between different ideas which is part of the creative process.

If an international trip is not an option, there are more accessible ways to immerse the mind in new experiences. Going to a restaurant or event you wouldn’t normally go to may produce the same effect. Meeting new people or a physical experience like swimming, diving, going for a hike are all activities which can potentially provide the mental stimulation to boost your creativity.

Purposeful Conversations

A good conversation can also unlock creativity. Aim to spend time periodically catching up with a business mentor or coach. These people are trained to ask questions and guide and develop your thought processes.

Having a business conversation
photo credit: Sebastiaan ter Burg / Flickr

If a coach or mentor is not an option, someone with experience in a similar field to yours could also be a great source of inspiration and creativity. An outside perspective can bring insight and help you to find solutions where there didn’t seem to be one. Listening to the experiences and stories of others may also trigger ideas and solutions for your own business. Consider integrating these intentional conversations into your weekly routine to stimulate creativity.

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Training and learning is a powerful way to unleash your inner creative genius. Learning can provide the stimulation needed to boost creativity.

Most industries provide a wealth of short term courses and seminars that can develop your knowledge and training. There are also great online resources that are very accessible. Websites like Udemy offer a range of short term courses which you can easily access on any device in your spare time.


Your creativity is one of the most important keys to your success and growth as a business. While these simple tips may seem somewhat time consuming and potentially expensive, the hidden value lies in the creative potential they unlock. So go ahead and take action and boost your creativity today – your business will thank you for it.