Hydroponics Business: A Thriving Business in Recession Today?

Agribusiness – referring to businesses that involves agricultural products production, distribution and sales – is thriving well in today’s world recession.

I particularly interested in hydroponics, as part of agribusiness, due to the unique growing system – and of course – business potential.

A bit about hydroponics

In layman’s term, hydroponics is a plant growth method that does not utilise or make use of soil.

Today’s hydroponics method includes the use of growth lights and plant nutrients to increase growth rate and the quality of the plants.

I interested in hydroponics to grow exotic plants – this IS a huge niche market – well, at least in the region where I live :)

Hydroponics business: hints and tips

If you interested in hydroponics business, consider attending trade shows and seminars on hydroponics. You will see that the business is THERE – people buying exotic plants like money is not an issue :)

Entering this market requires you to love the business – like any other business. However, I can prove that being passionate about the business CAN drive your business, without even being passionate about your product! Controversial, yes – but I’ve been there myself.

My father runs an agribusiness – in orchids plantation business, another niche in agribusiness. I am his only successor somehow, like it or not. I have to tell you the truth, I love plants, but I don’t like the details beyond the look of the plants, let alone the latin name of it :D

Anyway, I understand that the business potential is huge, because we are in the production line – we take larger profit margin than the distribution and retail lines. This is something that you can be passionate about!

This also applies in hydroponics industry. If you are passionate enough about the hydroponics business, you will make it, considering the strong niche it is.

So, yes. I think agribusiness is a thriving business in recession today.

This is my story, anyway – Share your story by commenting on this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Hydroponics noobpreneur