How to Look for Better Online Small Business Resources

Running a small business is challenging.

A small business doesn’t get all the funding the big business has, but is expected to perform, in my opinion, way over the current performance over limited resources.

Especially in today’s tough times, running your small business efficiently and effectively requires you to seek whatever help and resources you encounter.

When you head onto problems, where to seek help? When you need other services or products to support your current products or services, where to seek partner?

Where to find help and partnership

Well, you can always take great benefit by joining small business network.

You are not only receiving advice from experts and mentors alike, but also from your peers and fellow small business owners – allies and competitors alike!

Another great way, that, in fact, you can do immediately today, is to find resources of help and partnership through online media.

Online advice and help for small business

Internet small business directory are often a good starting point to seek for help and partnership.

The problem is, there are so many small business directories on the Net that claim to be the best resources around – Well, not all are the best resources.

While some directories cost you an amount of money, that doesn’t mean you always get quality.

How to look for better small business resources

Here’s a tip or two on how to look for better small business advice and help online:

  1. Look for small business directories that also offer you a wealth of small business help and advice in the form of articles and videos.
  2. Of course, look for directories that hold thousands of listing – more quality resources, better chance your business being helped by the online directory.
  3. A good directories always offer free of charge service for visitors, and a paid listing for advertisers – This way, the directory members are of better quality than those of free for all business directories.
  4. Go local – find a small business directory that cater your local area. This way, the listings and resources are immediately useful for you.

All the best for your small business!

Ivan Widjaya
Small business owner