Cost Cutting 101: Online Printing for Small Business

As a small business, you always have to look for solutions that either help you make more money or save you money.

One of the items in the overhead department that can be minimised for cost cutting purposes is your business stationery and promotional material printing.

Business stationery refers to business cards, letterheads, and envelopes, while promotional material refers to brochures, posters, flyers, stickers and other items important for your marketing campaign.

Business stationery and promotional material printing: Choices, choices

When deciding for your business printing needs, you have several options to take and to consider:

  • Print yourself, the DIY style
    It seems to be a good solution for cost cutting. However you have to carefully calculate the cost – from my experience, DIY your printing is actually cost you more money per item.
  • Outsource to print shops
    This is the most conventional way to have a professional result. Printing cost is the main thing to consider if you decide to outsource to print shops – it can be quite expensive four you, especially if you are still in business startup phase.
  • Outsource to online printing
    Online printing does offer what print shops offer, at a fraction of print shops’ printing cost.

My take – online printing

I recommend you to outsource your business printing needs to online printing company, for a several (obvious) reasons.

Firstly, online printing companies, such as, often offer you printing services with some add-ons, such as graphic design and direct mailing campaign – all at a fraction of the conventional print shop’s printing cost.

Secondly, online printing offers you convenience. You can outsource your printing needs from the comfort of your home and office – no need to travel through traffic and add to your gas cost. You can chose for products, upload your files and proceed with the checkout easy and in straightforward manner. You will have your order processed immediately and delivered to your designated location.

If you keen on your business cost cutting campaign, choose online printing.

Ivan Widjaya
Online Printing