Choosing the Right Web Hosting Partner for Your Web Business

Investing in web properties and web businesses is definitely rewarding today.

With the ever-growing eCommerce market and ever-expanding Internet business marketplace, owning and investing in an online business is very lucrative.

Web estate – a portable real estate

Web estate – the term I use referring to web property – is indeed a portable real estate. It is a investment property with a perk – you can actually move then wherever and whenever you want.

What I mean by ‘moving’ is actually changing web hosting.

In a layman’s term, web hosting is a service that offer you high-capacity servers to ‘host’ your websites. You can either rent a certain amount of space on the server, or rent the whole server for you, of course with a different monthly payment amount.

Choosing the right web hosting is important

It is apparent that choosing the right web hosting partner is crucial in owning and developing your web properties and businesses.

What to consider in choosing one?

  1. The server reliability
    Usually measured by uptime, that is, how much time will the server stay up. It is common today to guarantee a 99.99 per cent uptime.
  2. The reputation
    How many happy customers do the web hosting company have? Does the company host clean, non-illegal websites (having a ‘bad neighbourhood’ will affect your websites in the eyes of search engines)?
  3. The customer support
    Always look for web hosting company that offer fast response and exceptionally helpful answer to your inquiry.

Web hosting tips for non-techie web business owner

As a non-techie person, I can suggest you the following tips:

  1. Choose an affordable cpanel web hosting. Cpanel is a widely used web hosting known for is user-friendliness and reliability.
  2. Whenever your budget allows, consider having a dedicated server, that is, renting the whole server for you, and use it to host all your web properties and businesses for ease of management.
  3. Hire a techie person to help you manage your websites technical issues.

Happy investing and business building!

Ivan Widjaya
Web estate investor