Being Rich Through Online Business – Why Only A Few Made It

This blog post is inspired by Yaro Starak’s blog post – Is Internet Marketing Just Another Fools Gold Rush?.

He mainly talks about the analogy of Internet marketing as fools gold rush – that is, the period when gold rush craze era begin. Yaro explained that during that time, the smartest of all is the business people that sell shovels, picks and other tools to search for gold. The first and early prospectors did struck gold, big time. Unfortunately, as the story of their success spread like wild fire, most new prospectors left empty handed.

The analogy explain Internet marketing – many said Internet marketing early ‘prospectors’ are the one who struck gold and being rich, while Internet marketing experts sell tools (“shovels and picks”) on how to make money online, as the craze era begin, just like the gold rush era.

Some so-called Internet marketing experts sell getting rich online tools, that actually don’t make them rich themselves! This is what Yaro called the blind leading the blind.

While Yaro agreed at some point that the reality of Internet marketing is just like the modern world pyramid scheme, he insists that the continuing growth of resources and demand will keep Internet marketing and online business a promising land. Moreover, he indicates that today is just the early days of the Internet marketing industry and online business as a whole.

But then, why only a few made it, if it is still early?

How to be the few who made it

Here is a question that you have been asking yourself during your make money online journey – “If online business is so lucrative, why only a few made it?”

My answer to that question would be:

the right mindset + the right mental attributes + the right mentor + the right timing = success

The right mindset

Online business is a concept become reality, and it took years for the concept to fruit the way it is today.

Entering online business and Internet marketing need you to understand that there is NO shortcut. “Make $10,000 easily overnight with this method” is misleading.

Online market should be entered with the willing to learn and continuously learn. The only way to reach success and riches online is through consistent hard work.

Even if 4-hour Work Week’s Tim Ferris and Entrepreneurs Journey’s Yaro Starak said that it is good to be lazy, I know exactly what they meant by being lazy – working hard, learn continuously and build a system that allow you to achieve the lifestyle you always wanted.

Remember – it’s all about mindset.

The right mental attributes

These mental attributes are needed to be successful online – resilient and persistent.

If you fall five times, you have to get up six times – in other words, if you fail many times, you have to rise up and try again until you get it right.

The right timing

Entering the make money online niche is not recommended today – it is too crowded and highly competitive. Darren Rowse of Problogger said that being a different voice in the overcrowded market will still make a difference.

If you feel you have what it takes to be the next pro blogger (a.k.a the A-list blogger), start building now. However, if you want to play to your strength, you should find a niche that you can be the authority in; Always look for trends, online.

Enter the right market at the right time will always yield the best result.

The right mentor

I put this at the last element to success is due to the fact that it is the most important of all, in my opinion.

If you have the previous three elements, but fail to ace this one, you can’t be successful.

Seeking mentors or determining your role model is essential. Doing that will help you to draw your plan according to the blueprint.

I always consider Yaro Starak as my mentor, although I’m not personally related or acquainted with him. I enjoy his articles and concepts of online business, and I blueprint my online ventures to his recommendations and tips.

The key success factor is determining whether to listen or not to listen to someone claiming to be an ‘expert’ and ‘experienced online businessman’.

How to avoid losing your sight and what you have decided to achieve

I have read and heard about someone telling others to stop dreaming of being rich online. He rants about all the lies he believed and all the failures he did.

I concluded – no wonder only a few people ‘rule’ the online business – why? Because most others who fail and struggle listen to the so-called expert that preaching you to stop dreaming about being rich online!

I won’t quit on trying to be rich online. I believe and agree that today is just the early days of Internet markeing industry and the potential (and future potential) of online business is humongous.

How about you?

Ivan Widjaya
Make money online