Guerrilla Philanthropy

Small business owner always have these things in mind – how to maximise profit, minimise overhead, manage human resource, secure financing and win clients.

Money, money, money.

Many owners forget that not all small business ownership always related to money.

Being successful doesn’t always mean more money, and to success doesn’t always mean making more money. There are privileges and responsibilities of small business owner that does not even related to money.

Why bother to do things beyond money

Come on, now. You are labeled ‘successful’ not because you are an ace in running your small business. Your local community offers you the privilege to make good money in it.

A proof – great business in wrong location means bankruptcy – Sadly, I learn about this first-hand. On the contrary, a mediocre business in a prime location can pump revenue into your business, enough to buy you time to oil your business and perfect your business plan to grow.

So, if you consider yourself a successful small business owner, think of ways to give back to your local community. You can do this even without spending a dime – well, a little may be, unlike philanthropy acts businesses commonly did.

Why? Because I believe there are ways in the world that can do good, with or without involving money. Money buys convenience. But giving back to your community without spending money is a challenge.

I call it guerrilla philanthropy

Guerrilla philanthropy – what small business owners can do beyond money

Here are some idea that you can do to give back to your local community without even thinking about money:

  • Volunteer your small business to be the place for a charity event.
  • Promote local activities inside your retail store – on a billboard, perhaps – for free.
  • Write a column for a local newspaper about your business success, or even offer free seminar.
  • Volunteer yourself and your employees to help run a local community activity.

Any ideas to share? Please do so by commenting to this post :)

Ivan Widjaya
Guerrilla philanthropy