Small Business Owner: Increase Your Close Rate with CRM Software

CRMIf you are a small business or home business owner running either an established business or a start-up, consider using a crm software to manage your sales leads.

What is crm? CRM, the acronym for Customer Relationship Management, is essentially a system or infrastructure that manage everything you know about your clients, as well as their relationship with your business.

CRM software allows you to automate nearly most sales management activities, as well as to increase efficiency and effectiveness of your promotional and marketing campaigns.

Why the need to use CRM in my small or home business?

In my experience, I often waste too much money to advertise and promote my business, and I agree to what David Ogilvy – advertising genius – said, that many advertising are wasting money – it’s not only the ads that were not up to standard, but also the advertisers lack following-up prospects!

Most of the time, there’s nothing wrong with your marketing campaign – it’s your prospects handling that is lacking. Many prospects are gone simply because we are being ignorant about them.

Lead management software come into play to solve those problems, and might very well increase your close rate.

What about implementation cost?

You can always calculate your return on investment on CRM software you plan to implement in your business.

Calculate your ROI based on CRM software cost versus the sales loss recovery plus man power efficiency.

I’m sure the figures will incline you toward implementing the CRM into your business.

Any real life case studies?

I am a user of CRM software myself. I basically want to increase membership signups of my small retail stores. Using the CRM, not only I can increase the membership counts, I can also increase the effectiveness of members-only cross-selling offers without the need to advertise anything.

Considering the many features CRM software today, I wonder whether implementing a feature-rich CRM software will aid my business even more? I believe it will.

CRM software, such as AIMcrm, is feature rich, that not only it will help you manage your sales leads, but also allow you to automate your sales force.

One suggestion – choose the one that offer you a demo or allow you to test drive the software, like AIMcrm did.

What’s your real life case study on CRM implementation in your business? Please share by commenting on this post.

Ivan Widjaya
Image by Gari.