Search Engine Optimization Business: Hot Business Today

SEOForget recession for a while.

If you are thinking about online business and Internet marketing, what would you respond to this question: “Name a business that is recession-proof.”

For you that dwell a lot on the Net, many of you will probably answer SEO or Search Engine Optimization business.

Why SEO business is hot today

Every website aimed to sell visitors products or services need at least basic SEO to keep competitive with others.

Some would call optimising your web pages as SEO, and some others would call social bookmarking as SEO.

In my opinion, every single thing you do to push your website in such a way it can be found in a higher position, preferably on the first and second page in the search engine result pages (SERPs) is called SEO.

Therefore, if a web surfer searched information and couldn’t find your website in his/her search results, your website is collecting dust and dying faster than your plant that lacks watering :)

That is why I think that SEO business is hot – you are on demand, and many website owners and webmasters alike are willing to pay you top dollars for your service, as long as you can offer quality service and results.

Why SEO is important

Did you know that searching for the term ‘Search Engine Optimization Chicago‘ will yield different results from the term ‘Chicago Search Engine Optimization‘?

That’s how SEO is complex – every word and its placement is considered different.

Ideally, if you run an online business or Internet marketing, you might want to sell more on less effort. Acing SEO will probably save you a lot of advertisement money, because your business is visible in SERPs top results, bringing you organic traffic from the search engines.

What’s more, SEO is an ongoing work – you have to continuously build links and optimise. This is why SEO business has a long business life cycle – profitable and sustainable.

Where to learn SEO

Although you can hire SEO experts to do the optimisation for you, but know this fact – not all the so-called experts do the right SEO. You would get the similar results, but various in longer term effect of the SEO.

Be warned, some ‘experts’ even do unethical SEO that could damage your brand name reputation.

The bottom line is, if you own an online or Internet marketing business and plan to outsource your SEO or if you are interested in offering SEO service, you need to learn about SEO yourself.

A resource I can recommend you is If you have any resources that you often use, please share by commenting on this post.

Happy business and link building!

Ivan Widjaya
Image by pittaya.