How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way – Last Part

This is the last part of the How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way series – I’ll talk about how to flip blogs for a non-techie, how to value a blog, and how is the prospect of blog flipping business so far.

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I’m an awful techie! How can I flip blogs?

In fact, you don’t have to be a good blogger yourself to flip blogs. The key is to see what’s in trend – what’s hot and what’s not. Obviously, you may want to avoid the latter :P

If you want to make flipping blogs as a living, you might consider hiring a team – preferrably, outsourced.

In my opinion, you need, to the least, these team members: techie, SEO and link builder (a social media marketing capability is a big plus) and writer.

If you can take one or two team member roles – good. But you should be the one who manage your web property, and hand picking blogs from the online marketplace.

What about hiring a broker to do the buying and selling for you? I suggest you not to hire one, as you might lose a part of your profit margin in the form of commision – but if you consider yourself a poor site valuator, you might want to decide to hire one.

How to value a blog?

This is a tough issue to call – the statement – “A website is as valuable as the amount of money you want to spend to acquire it” – is the fundamental of blog valuation.

In other words, if you think a blog is worth $500, it is not necessary that others will view the same blog as valuable as $500 – it’s all the matter of perception.

However, there are a certain guidelines and online tools to value a website’s worth, although not all share the same pricing principles – some even price blogs absurdly.

Some would say 10-20 times monthly revenue will decide the blog’s price tag. Some other say 3-6 times. Some other say 30 times. And so on. Again, the price tag depends heavily on your perceived blog value and your interest in the blog.

Is blog flipping a lucrative business?

In my opinion, absolutely.

As long as people are interested in quality content on the net, blogs will always present, and they are here to stay.

Moreover, although blogging for business is common today, there are still many businesses that don’t have blogs – the blogosphere will flex and grow exponentially from time to time.

Basic supply and demand law of economy :)

Good luck on your blog flipping endeavour. If you have any stories to share, don’t forget to comment on this article.

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