How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way – Part 1

This is Part 1 of the How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way series – just make sure you’ll be back for the next part, later on – only in :)

Buy SellBlog flipping market is growing rapidly, and you can see in the Marketplace, blogs are all over the listing, both as established sites and startup sites.

Although this is a good sign for serial blogpreneurs – those that start blogs and sell them later – and blog flipper – those that buy blogs and sell them for profits, the latest trend is a bit worrying.

I have recently sold one of my blogs, too. And to say the least, it is indeed not a hard sell :)

I am a noob in blog flipping game, but I have been learning and gaining experience from my non-blog flipping career for 6 months – at least, I understand the basic of it.

However, I saw the decline in listing quality. I am not referring to traffic or other indicators, but I am referring to the ratio of high quality to low quality, that is in increasing trend, in my opinion.

Now you can always see either a totally new blog or an ‘abandoned’ blog listed on the marketplace.

Of course, new or abandoned doesn’t always mean a bad thing, giving the reasonable price tags!

Nevertheless, blog flipping game is still lucrative. Some people I know do wrote an ebook based on their experience in blog flipping, such as this how-to do blog flipping to achieve six figures income.

If you are interested in flipping blogs, please continue reading. If not, just continue reading – maybe you will be interested, eventually :P

New or ‘abandoned’ blogs vs. established blogs.

First thing first – you must get the knowledge of knowing the blogs’ status – are they new, abandoned, or established?

  • New blogs are either new blogs on established domain names or brand new domain names.
  • Abandoned blogs are relatively old blogs that are abandoned by the owner, easily identified from the drastic change in blog posting frequency, even not updated for several months or more.
  • Established blogs are those that have built a strong readership, as well as a certain amount of income, ranging from several dollars to thousands of dollars per month.

Which one to flip? That’s totally depend on your vision and budget. If you want to be a serial blogpreneur, you should focus on new, abandoned or lightly monetised blogs. Otherwise, you might want to focus on the profitable blogs.

What to look in a blog?

Of course, you always want a blog that has strong traffic and subscriber counts, infamous, and profitable.

But then again, getting such blog will probably cost you thousands of dollars, if not tens or hundreds, even millions of dollars :)

I suggest you to look for blogs with no income but exceptional growth potential or blogs that are lightly monetised also with strong growth potential.

By growth potential, I’m not referring to things like, “Great niche!… hot market!… ” – that’s based on trend with no proof. What I’m referring to is things like, “Good trafficked blogs that can be better in the hands of the right owners.”

Stay tuned for part 2:

How to flip blogs

Ivan Widjaya
Blog flipper
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