Huge Business Potential in a Niche Market: Assistive Products and Services for People with Disability

Human Touch text on brailleIn today’s fierce competition and challenging recession, running a business that serve a niche market remains lucrative.

Here is one of the niche markets that have all the capability to thrive today: people with disability.

People with disability: Under-served niche market

Even in today’s multi-faceted society and well-promoted equal opportunity policies, people with disability throughout the world remain under-served and, unfortunately, often discriminated.

Not only in treatments, people with disability often ‘rejected’ to certain opportunities.

If you are an entrepreneur that is interested in tapping this huge market and want to make a difference, the window of opportunities is still wide open, in my opinion.

What to offer to this niche market

Businesses that cater the market of people with disability, such as Enablemart, essentially offer technology products and services that help people with disability to be more productive.

Assistive products and services, such as voice recognition software, large print computer keyboard, touch screen, and wireless switches, are distributed by companies like Enablemart to education institutions, city councils, businesses and other organisations that work closely with people with disability.

How to be a assistive products and services distributor

As straightforward as other products’ distribution, you can simply contact and network with manufacturers. Sole distributorship is a better idea, so you can cover ‘ground’ more thoroughly with the brand you market.

A thought – You should join a non-profit organisation and trade organisation related to the market of people with disability.

Where to market? That, detective, is the right question :)

By joining the related organisations, you can network with fellow business owners and professionals that are, most probably, interested in what your business offers.

Other, more direct approach might include marketing to care homes, hospitals, schools, and businesses that foster equal opportunity and/or something similar to UK’s positive about disabled people.

So, if you are looking for the recession-proof business, serving the people with disability is one of top business opportunities.

Ivan Widjaya
Positive about disabled people.
Image by hypertypos.