How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way – Part 2

This is Part 2 of the How to Flip Blogs, the Noobpreneur Way series – I’ll talk about how to create or buy blogs to flip and about the most important thing in blog flipping. This is not the end, yet, so stay tuned for part 3 – the last one :)

Blog Craze

How to flip blogs

From what I wrote before, you might notice a pattern that suggest two ways to flip blogs – create new blogs to flip and buy-hold-sell blogs.

Create new blogs to flip

If you are adventurous, you can be a serial entrepreneur-like blog flipper – create a blog, fill it with content, sell it – and repeat it all over again, and again.

There are many ways to do this – write the content your own, outsource your content writing, or create an automatic blog that pull other blogs’ content. It’s your choice.

Buy and flip blogs

You can actually buy existing blogs from online marketplaces, such as Marketplace, do the necessary improvements, and then flip them for profit.

This method, like real estate flipping, requires an eye for good stuff :)

But don’t worry – here’s the tip I have for you: hang in the marketplaces for a certain duration of time every day, and you ‘suddenly’ grasping the right pricing ideas. You can also see what’s hot, as well as what deals are legitimate and which deals are priced to sell by the owners.

All in all, you’ll learn through time – so, don’t push yourself to hard if you can’t quite grasping the concept – give yourself time to learn.

What is the most important thing in flipping blogs?

The most important thing in blog flipping is in identifying what topic or niche that is red hot today, and will stay hot for a long period of time.

To learn what’s hot, you can start by accessing Google Trends to learn the hottest topic lately. For a longer term trend, you can learn which keywords are searched by more people by using Google Adword keyword tool.

Thanks to Google, the tools above is all free to use!

After you identify the hotties, you may decide to create or look for blogs which topics are related to the trends.

One word of advice – don’t start or buy a blog that is red hot in short term. If you are investing while flipping, avoid topics with short ‘hot-ness’ life cycle, such as the US Election and Olympics. However, if you are up to the quick blog flipping, than those type of topics are excellent.

All is coming back to your vision – are you flipping blogs like trading stocks in the Wall Street, or are you flipping blogs with investment comes first in mind?

Stay tuned for part 3 (the last part):

I’m an awful techie! How can I flip blogs?

Ivan Widjaya
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