Garage for Rent Marketplace: A Simple and Smart Business Idea

Parking LotWhen it comes to answer a need or solve a problem, a simple idea might just enough to do good – and make money out of it.

If you asked me which business I am interested to run, own, or invest in, my answer would be: a business that solves a problem.

Being cutting edge and innovative is simply not interesting for me. I enjoy simple business, both online and off line that offer a solution to others.

In my opinion, the criteria of a great business idea with a huge success capability are:

  • Simple business concept.
  • Answer a need and solve a problem.

That’s it.

One of the smart small business ideas I enjoy is a parking spaces and garage for rent marketplace. The following is the explanation of what I think of garage for rent marketplace business.

What is garage for rent marketplace?

Garages for rent marketplace is a typical online business that offer a listing of available garages and parking spaces for rent, as well as a place to list your excess garage and parking spaces.

The marketplace acts as an intermediary between the garage and parking spaces owner adn tenants. The garage for rent marketplace team will handle all the hassle for you, including price negotiation, late fee collections, and other listing management issues.

The business revenue is from commissions of managing the garages and parking spaces.

Garage for rent marketplace: Simple concept and solves a problem

The great thing about this business is due to the fact that it is simple but high in demand – parking spaces are scarcer, and leaving your car on roadsides may cause you problems – car theft, car vandalised, and a full car park early in the morning to list some.

Garages for rent marketplace solves those problems.

You can search for garages and parking spaces to rent that are close to your premises. Or, if you own an excess garage or parking space to let, you can list yours into the marketplace to aid you market yours.

Super niche

I don’t know how about you, but I consider garage for rent marketplace as a super niche.

There are a lot of marketplaces, both online and offline.

Most marketplaces are general in nature, such as classified ads that involve big names like Craiglist.

Some other are auction-based marketplaces, such as eBay. Another variant of marketplace is real estate buy and sell marketplace.

Another different type is buy and sell marketplaces with many variations, such as for domain names marketplace, for web properties marketplace, and for business marketplace.

Garage for rent? In my opinion – unique and original. Period.


Ivan Widjaya
Garage for rent marketplace business
Image by c7r.