Greeting Cards Business: Seasonal but Sure-fire?

Greeting CardsChristmas and new year celebrations are approaching, and businesses scramble for the high season we are about to enter today.

That includes my small business :)

Whilst most businesses will reap this seasonal benefit to certain extent, some businesses are actually dependent on this time of the year.

One of those businesses is greeting cards business.

By greeting cards business, I refer to both conventional ‘physical’ cards and e-cards.

Let’s have a look whether greeting cards business is THE business, especially in year’s end.

Greeting cards exchange: a tradition

Greeting cards business is typically a business that produces and/or distributes cards for special occasions, such as christmas cards and save the date cards.

Greeting cards exchange is a tradition for decades. Season greeting, such as Christmas celebration, is often has a story behind them. You can read the history of christmas cards from the wikis online.

Greeting cards business overview: seasonal

Definitely, greeting cards business is seasonal.

You can have your own little research on greeting cards business by search for the term in Google Trends or Google Insights – Christmas and new year are definitely the peak of greeting cards business.

Although looks fantastic, you might notice that the trend of greeting cards is in decline.

Does this mean that greeting cards exchange, either the conventional cards or the e-cards, is no longer an interest to some people?

Greeting cards business overview: sure-fire

As with other traditions, christmas cards exchange wanes in interests gradually over time.

However, the trend shows that it is still one of the surest moment in the year, that guaranteed exceptional sales and profits if done right.

The key in this business is design, material and wording quality – businesses that can answer all three qualities well will thrive.

Are there any open spots for startups?

If you have an eye for design and a sense of business, there are always opportunities to take, including greeting card business.

Competition is stiff, but the market always appreciates personalised greeting cards, especially those that are created specifically for you (and your specs).

Be sure to offer something different, such as scrapbooking-influenced greeting cards, and aim for the niches within the market, such as greeting cards for businesses or greeting cards aiming to charities and other non-profit organisations.

Find your niche, do your homework and dominate!

Ivan Widjaya
Greeting cards
Image by Richard Moross.