3 Expert Tips for Cashing in on your First Christmas

You’ve barely gotten the lyrics to Jingle Bells out of your head from last Christmas when, suddenly, the hap-happiest season is once more right around the corner.

Christmas season

It’s scary how quickly time flies, but with choirs a-singing, children playing and eggnog flowing, you’re excited to enjoy all the usual festive wonders all over again.

Except, this year things are different.

This year, you own a business, and whilst there’s still plenty of fun to be had, Christmas is also a chance to make some major money.

During the festive run-up, people are far more willing to part with their cash to buy presents, decorations and everything else they need to have a picture-perfect day come the 25th of December.

All you have to do is guarantee they’re spending it with you.

Here are our top three tips for taking full advantage of the excess good cheer and having a successful first Christmas as a business. Take a look.

Christmas shopping spree
photo credit: Herry Lawford / Flickr

#1: a grand display of festive spirit

There’s no such thing as too much, at least not when it comes to Christmas decorations. They’re a great way of catching eyes and drawing in customers, so go as overboard as your budget allows with flashing lights, tinsel and trees.

Just make sure you properly secure all decorations – runaway baubles are a recipe for disaster. Using galvanised wire for attaching external lights and displays will keep everything in place no matter how bad the winter weather gets.

#2: masterful marketing

Christmas adverts are big news – look at the current fuss created over Marks and Spencer’s festive mini-film. You probably won’t have the budget to rival the likes of national retailers, but there are plenty of other cost-effective marketing tactics for getting your name out there.

Sending an online greeting card to your customers and clients is a cheap and simple way of spreading seasonal joy, whilst also gently reminding them of who you are.

Ugly sweater Christmas party
photo credit: cheeseroc / Flickr

#3: celebrating the year’s end

The Christmas office party, complete with cheesy tunes and lethal mulled wine concoctions, is one of the most important landmarks of the corporate calendar. After all, it’s a chance to blow off some steam and celebrate the start of the holiday season.

But remember, your festive get-together is also a chance to let everyone know how successful your first year of business has been – there’s nothing wrong with a little showing off! As well as colleagues, invite key clients and customers to thank them for their support.

Christmas is a busy time of year for everyone, especially business owners. Take advantage of every opportunity and sale that comes your way over the next eventful month, though, and you can’t fail to make a killing – all your hard work will be more than worth it.