Hark, the business Angels Sing! Your Office and Xmas

‘Tis the season to be jolly – but you’re probably finding that a bit difficult in an office as miserable as yours. There’s about as much festive cheer in your workplace as the Grinch in a flat share with Ebenezer Scrooge (incidentally, wouldn’t that make a fantastic sitcom?).

A festive office isn’t just about pizzazz, though. When your business is filled with the joy of the holidays, it lets clients know that your finger is on the seasonal pulse – and it could put them in a giving mood.

Office decoration for Christmas
photo credit: Rachel

With that in mind, we’ve come up with a few ways you can find the festive joy in your office.

Create a winter wonderland

Where would that seasonal feeling be without a few twinkling slivers of tinsel to brighten up the office?

Even a seasonal scrooge can appreciate some extra glitz in their workplace. Several companies provide office plants and seasonal decorations that could give Santa’s Grotto a run for its money.

But don’t be worried about adding the personal touch, either – persuade employees to bring in their own decorations, hang a few baubles around the place and make it known to your clients that you’re twinned with the North Pole when it comes to winter wonderlands.

Jumpers and secrets

Two events dominate the office calendar before the Christmas holiday – Christmas Jumper Day and Secret Santa.

Christmas Jumper Day
photo credit: The Lowry

Getting people raring for their holidays, Christmas Jumper Day involves everyone (as you probably guessed) coming in wearing their finest festive attire and donating a little bit of cash to charity.

But this isn’t only great for staff morale – post a few pictures of your day on social media channels and you’ll present your company as fun, friendly and ready to do their bit. It’s a PR win-win.

Secret Santa, the present extravaganza where recipients don’t know who their gift-giver is, can also double up as a great team-building exercise. Make sure your employees get someone in the office they barely know – their challenge will then be to find out as much about them as they can.

A note to Secret Santa
photo credit: Rachel

By the end of the season you’ll have a team that’s tighter than a tin of sardines inside the thighs of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Christmassy clients

Like Ebenezer on Christmas morning, try buttering up your clients with a selection of mince pies and other festive treats.

Mistletoe and wine may be out of the question (any mention of a Cliff Richard song brings some people out in hives), but there’s nothing wrong with spreading the festive spirit. When your clients shake up their business in the New Year, they’ll keep you festive charity in mind.