5 Ideas to Make your Holiday Swag Stand Out

5 Ideas to Make your Holiday Swag Stand Out

Holiday season is finally here. Get ready for series of interesting events approaching the New year! Well, buckle up: After the shopping frenzy of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday, it is time get down to work: Prepare your branded holiday swag.

As a small business, you need to prepare a budget for holiday swag and giveaways. Why? Because it’s great for keeping in touch with your clients and business partners, and also good for keeping your company on the top of people’s minds.

Holiday swag on Zazzle business center

Thanksgiving and Christmas are two events that are suitable for sending “thank-yous” to those who matter to your business.

All in all, your holiday merch is an important tool to help you ride the holiday season’s wave.

There are several companies that offer these types of products, and one of the more unique ones is Zazzle.

Zazzle recently launched their new Business Center – a hub that is created specifically to serve business needs for branded marketing materials.

Here are some business holiday swag ideas you may find from Zazzle Business Center:

1. Show appreciation with edible products

Why send out boring pens when you can send edible swag?

Show appreciation to your business partners, colleagues or customers with a yummy treat with your logo on it, like these customized dipped Oreo cookies.

Edible swag: Dipped Oreo cookies

2. Celebrate team success with a holiday office party and… custom buttons

Business is a team sport. So, arranging a year’s end office party to celebrate success is a great way to reward everyone on your team.

Want to get started? The easiest way to woo your employees is by sending out a well-crafted RSVP – like this one:

Christmas party RSVP

Celebrate togetherness by gifting buttons for your team members to pin on their clothes for the office party and show their team pride.

Success Kid square pin for sales team

3. Funny math geek wrist watches for your geeky business partners

I’m a geek, and I love this kind of stuff as a holiday present – and I’m sure your geeky business partners will love these, too:

Funny math geek wrist watch

…and for all the chemists out there, this makes a great holiday gift:

O-Mg women's American Apparel custom T-shirt

4. Wishing your customers a happy 2015 – in style

Swag that is worth-keeping is a winner. A calendar has always been a keeper, and to make it interesting, here’s one for your inspiration:

Custom calendar swag

…or, if you opt for the classic thank-you cards for your customers, here’s a classic, heart-warming idea:

Holiday season greeting card

5. Sending out holiday gifts? Don’t forget the gift tags!

Did you know the first thing people ask when they receive a gift? They ask who it is from. So, give the best impression (and branding) to your gift, and start with your gift tags.

Ginger bread man hang tag


Obviously, there are plenty of other ideas you can explore. But keep this in mind: When sending out holiday swag, make sure it’s memorable.

Uninspiring, been-there-done-that swag is not effective in giving the best impression about your business. You can’t afford to waste your budget on creating and sending out branded products that miss the mark.

Choose what’s right for you, make sure it fits your budget, and get ready to impress your business partners and customers alike! Get started here.

Ivan Widjaya

Ivan Widjaya is the Owner/Editor of Noobpreneur.com, as well as several other blogs. He is a business blogger, web publisher and content marketer for SMEs.