10 Start-ups to Watch Closely In The Future

Startup survivability is ridiculously low. Yet, more entrepreneurs are starting up new businesses than ever, hoping to be the next Facebook, Starbucks and other household names in the business world. Most failed, but a few that survives, thrive and set to rule the business world for the next generation.

Today we’re talking about companies that are doing extremely well as start-ups and in only a few years have managed to make their business a success. These start-ups have great potential and are worth keeping an eye on in the future.


1. Veeno

Veeno is a company that has a chain of Italian wine cafes found in the UK. Since 2013 when it was founded it’s been growing at a very fast pace and has opened many knew shops all over the country. With over 8 outlets to this date, it is definitely one of the most promising start-ups.


BIBOO is a company that sells electric bikes in Bilbao of Spain. With the rise in electric bike popularity it was only natural that companies like this would succeed, but there’s more. BIBOO only started in 2016 and is already one of the fastest growing companies in the region because its electric bikes offer great quality.

3. Abalo Publicidad

Abalo Publicidad is another Spanish start-up worth keeping an eye on. It’s located in Seville of Spain and was only created in 2015. With little time, it has proven how much start-ups can achieve in a short time if their products or services are really good and in demand. Abalo Publicidad sells a wide range of products such as business agendas and working clothes or presents.

In addition, the plan is to expand that range of products even further in the upcoming year. They are also willing to work together with other small business to achieve mutual goals. This is a key factor in the growth of start-ups.

4. Monarch Solicitors

Monarch Solicitors Ltd. is one of the few lawyer firms in the UK that has shown considerable growth in the last couple of years. It’s located in Manchester city and only started operating in 2014. However, despite the short time, they as said to provide high quality legal services for reasonable prices.

5. Wine Outlet

Wine outlet startup

Wine Outlet is a wine company that was founded this year and is located in Athens, Greece. While still new, it is already known across the country for offering some of the best wines in the world through its e-shop. In its catalogue it has a very wide range of wines and is planning to expand even further in the upcoming year.

6. Studapart

This interesting company was founded in France in 2010 and combines travel and studying for its success. It helps students that travel abroad for their studies with lodging and information. It is very useful and that’s why it’s one of the most ambitious start-ups in Europe right now.

7. Cellectis

Cellectis is a company related to genetic treatments in the biopharmaceutical industry. As you know this industry in one of the biggest in the world which means there’s a lot of competition but Cellectis has managed to grow by 130% in the past year.

8. 10-Vins

10-Vins website screnshot

10-Vins is popular as the company that created the D0Vine Nespresso machine, a coffee machine that has taken the world by storm. This start-up is also French and proof of its fast growth and success is the high number of sold machines in such a short time.

9. Nannuka

Nannuka is another Greek start-up that has managed to impress the whole Europe with its leading child care services and its online platform that has grown considerably in the past year.

10. Tannico

Finally we have Tannico, a unique wine retailer in Italy that has managed to innovate the field since 2012. Thanks its fast success, it’s already planning to expand to the UK.

Which of these start-ups would you rather keep an eye on and why?