How to Reward Your Staff at Christmas: Ending Your Year Positively

Christmas is a symbolic time for many; a time of celebration, thanks and reflection. The end of your calendar year will be much more memorable than the end of your financial year for most, so it’s important to give your employees something great to remember in 2014.

Rewarding your staff during the Christmas holidays is fantastic motivation and can help you show your thanks and appreciation for everyone’s hard work, something as business owners we don’t always have the time to do.

If staff retention is important to your business and you are looking for ways to reward your staff, take a look at some popular reward schemes/methods below.

Christmas office party

Holiday Bonuses

Holiday bonuses are a great way of showing thanks to your staff at the end of the year. If you decide to give bonuses, it’s important to factor this into your budget at the beginning of the financial year to ensure that you do not come up against any financial cash flow issues.

Bonuses can be rewarded as a percentage, based on sales performance or based on annual appraisal scores. Creating an incentive at the beginning of the year can help to keep your employees motivated and help you increase performance levels through the working year. If you need more advice on how to structure your staff bonuses, read more at

Holiday Gifting

If you want something more personal, Christmas gifts are a quick and easy way of spreading the Christmas cheer across the office. Gifts come in all shapes and sizes; if you are a small business or start-up and can’t afford to splash out, visit Just Miniatures or Carol Wright Gifts for some affordable gifting solutions, ideal for corporate gifting as well as staff gifting. Or get the whole office to participate in Secret Santa so that everyone can receive a gift without having to spend too much. Holiday gift vouchers are also a wonderful idea if you want a versatile gifting solution that suits a range of people.

Office Christmas Party / Corporate Days

A superb way to end the year is to throw a big Christmas party for your staff. Not only does it show your thanks, but it gives everyone a great opportunity to socialise outside of the office environment and allows you to spend some quality time with your team.

If a Christmas party does not suit the nature of your business, there are many corporate days which include challenging activities and teamwork, which could instil team spirit and festive cheer for all. For tips on how to organise a top office Christmas party, read more on the Friday Ad website.


Preparation aside, you should not forget to have fun! It’s easy to drown yourself (along with your staff members) in preparation only to see yourself too tired to have fun. Work hard, play hard, and get ready for the exciting 2015 for your small business!