Article Marketing for Small Business

Article MarketingSmall businesses have to step up their game – they have to utilise every proven methods to establish their presence on the Internet. This, in return, will enhance their branding in the off line business world.

Along with the becoming-boundless offline and on line business world, small business owners need to co-op with others to make every single branding attempt a success.

Small business, online: Search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is crucial, as the search engines are your window to opportunities. Position your business site on the top 100 search results for a particular keyword – even better, on the first or second page – will drive visitors and prospects to your business.

There are several search engine marketing methods commonly used by small business owners: article marketing, directory submission, social bookmarking, press releases, site review, etc.

One of the most important methods is article marketing.

How to do article marketing for small business

Online, one of the strongest factors to drive traffic and rank high in search engines is content – content IS king.

Article marketing is basically the writing of articles related to your small business’ industry for the purpose of driving relevant traffic to your website and, eventually, your business.

Furthermore, article marketing allows your small business site to enhance its importance in the eyes of the search engines, which almost always results in a higher placement in search engine result pages.

You can do article marketing for small business by joining an article submission network.

You can also publish small business articles to a multi-authored blog, such as, that is relevant to the industry or market you are aiming to.

Consider outsourcing

Outsourcing is one of the wonders of the world :)

Sure, your personal voice in your written articles are great, but I think you wouldn’t want to spend all of your days to write articles, instead of managing your small business, would you?

The solution – you can outsource your article writing, even the article marketing itself to freelancers or professional writers.

Essentially, you have to know when to hire what – freelancers’ service costs less than that of professional writers’, but beware of the quality. You can control this to find the best combination for your need – ultimately, of course, you’ll want high quality, low cost.

Ivan Widjaya
Article marketing