Holiday Season Shopping: It is Time to Utilise Your Credit Cards for Your Small Business Needs

Here’s the good thing of today’s recession – retailers are giving deep, real deep, discounts to attract customers.

This situation, in my opinion, is good for small businesses. You can start spending – of course with a eye at your budgeting – to stock office supplies, purchase office equipments and fixtures, or invest in productivity tools – which more likely than not, will be discounted these days.

Conserve your cash: Use your business credit cards – or apply for a new one

This is the time you should put your business credit cards to work.

Why spend important cash, if you have the choice to stall payment to later date? As long as you stick to your budget and pay the outstanding balance in full each billing cycle, you are ready to shop!

Need some equipments you are planning to buy at the year’s end, but you want to conserve the cash? Consider applying new business cards. However, you need to approach this with caution – again, stick to what your budget allows, otherwise you will end up paying credit cards’ high interest rates.

Doing this smartly, you can also get yourself additional perks offered by the credit card issuers, such as redeemable loyalty points, frequent flyer points, etc.

Applying for a credit card is easier at this time of the year

Credit card issuers are also shopping around for applicants, because they know this time of the year, customers spend a lot (some spends more than they should).

You can browse for credit card programs online, or inquire directly to the plastic’s issuer, reason with them why you need a business credit card, and ask them to give you interesting rates – most likely, they will approve your proposal, as long as you have a clean and good credit track records.

I also recommend you to shop for credit cards from specialty providers, such as this credit room that tartget women credit card holders or applicants.

Tis the season to be jolly

Forget recession, enjoy the holiday season.

You need all the energy to enter the new year – and I meant this for you, the business owner, and your business. Get in shape, and be ready to ride the wave.

The outlook of 2009 is still bleak, but who cares? The show must go on!

So, get those discounted office supplies and tools, and be ready for the next year. And, oh, don’t forget to purchase them with your business credit cards.

Ivan Widjaya
Putting my credit cards to work