Pump Up Your Trade Show Giveaways

Trade show giveawaysAs a small business owner, I bet you have visited trade shows, if not be a part in the trade shows yourself.

If you never visited any trade shows, you gotta visit one more sooner than later, as you miss a couple of benefits by going to one.

Benefit #1: You can network with fellow business owner.

Benefit #2: You can keep yourself updated with trends in your niche.

Benefit #3: Free stuffs and gadgets for you!

Benefit #1 and #2 are apparent and pretty much straightforward, but did you know that it is benefit #3 that ‘hook’ you up with the brand name printed on the free stuffs and gadgets?

By ‘hooking’ up, I mean your sub-conscious mind ‘eats’ the ‘bait’ given for you from the brand names. All of a sudden, when you need something for your business, you remember one or two of the brand name printed on the promotion products you received in your last trade show visit, offering just the thing your business might need.

That my friend, the power of promotional products!

Why some trade show tenants are focusing on their promotional products more than their own products

Most trade show tenants offer promotional products, mainly to attract visitors to visit their booths. But did you know that some of them are actually crafting their trade show giveaways in such a way that the promotional products seem more important than their business’ products?

Some do pursue unique promotional items to strengthen the effects of the ‘hook’. Your company/brand name printed on a pen or a badge is quite common these days, but how sonic rocks stress reliever gadget sounds to you?

Don’t underestimate the power of trade show giveaways!

Why putting emphasis on the promotional products? Like what I mentioned above, it is very, very important to ‘hook’ visitors with your brand. Not only in the trade show, the ‘hook’ is keep working for the brand names printed on the promotional products because they often end up on your office’s desk, and exposed to you each and every day.

Never mind the cool gadgets – Even a good looking, standard, promotional pen that you use everyday can expose the brand name to you each and every day.

So all in all, I highly recommend you to start taking your trade show giveaways more seriously than ever, as it can bring more clients to your business more effectively than you imagine :)

Ivan Widjaya
I collect trade show giveaways :)