Why You Should Try Online Forex Trading

Currency TradingThe key in entrepreneurship is diversification.

Not only in building businesses, an entrepreneur should enter trading arena, either in stock market or forex market. And no, I’m not keen on mutual funds :)

My take: forex market. Why?

I am more interested in foreign exchange market than the stock market simply due to the ability to trade on my own, with the availability of online forex trading these days.

Unlike stock trading, currency trading is middle-man free, which mean your return could be higher due to the commission-free trading.

What’s more, you can trade 24/7 with online forex trading.

My recommendation is this: if you want to trade forex, you should trade online. Here are some of the reasons.

Trade 24/7 with minimum trade amount to start

For a couple of hundred dollars, you can start trading right away.

What’s more, online forex trading companies are usually offering a high ratio of leverage. For example, CMS Forex Trading allows you to have 400:1 leverage, which means every dollar you want to trade, you have the ability to trade $400 in currencies. To compare, stock trading only allows you to have 2:1 in leverage.

You can practice trading with a free account

Most, if not all, for online forex trading companies offer practice accounts, where you can learn to trade within the forex trading platform they use.

After you can used to the forex trading software, you can trade in real world as soon as you say so.

All-in trade analysis, news and charts

The forex trading software provides you with up to date news, analysis and forex charts – all available in real time to help you well-informed with what happening in world’s forex market.

You don’t have to aggregate those above yourself. Pretty convenient, eh?

So, there you go. If you want to diversify your investment, I suggest you to try risk-free online forex trading platform. It is useful in any way even if you decided not to trade forex.

Ivan Widjaya
Online forex trading
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