Small Business Owners – Your Influence in Your Community is Needed!

motivational wordsI can never stop encouraging you, small business owners, to stop whining about recession and start influencing your business, employees and community where you live or do business in.

You can’t afford to lose heart – your community has given much to your business, and it is time to give back – it’s payback time!

You might ask, why?

My answer is this: because, like it or not, your business is thriving due to the people living in the community your business resides in are buying from you. Not only buying, they referring you to others. Without those things, your business is, sad to say, nothing.

You might argue, “Well, I don’t feel like giving back.” I’ll say, “Well, giving back or not is your personal decision. But these days, you are OBLIGED to give back.”

Giving back is not always about money or doing charities. Giving back can be in the form of influence.

Why you are obliged to influence your community

I have written before that these days, most things are linked emotionally more than ever.

People are paranoid and anxious, thanks to the downsizing, bankruptcy and uncertain economic situation. Pessimism is everywhere, and even some do spark some optimism, they don’t influence their community the way they should!

If your community is filled with people who are paranoid and anxious, the business in the area will definitely be hit, as well – If you are not happy, you don’t want to spend a dime more on, say, some flowers from local florist, do you?

If you are not influencing your community, then who else? Small business owners have a huge and undeniable perk that makes them more important than they realised – influence.

If you own a business, you are an influential person. That’s the way it is. Your influence, especially in today’s tough times, is badly needed!

Small business owners – How to influence your community

You can certainly sponsor your local charities and government for a good cause. But this is typical, and many view this as riding the back of the social activities to promote your business.

Here’s how to influence your community effectively today:

  • Held a free motivational seminar in your business’ premise on today’s hot topic – how to survive recession
  • Being positive yourself, and sparking optimism wherever you go – You are a public figure to a certain extent, so use your image to influence other people.
  • Motivate your employees to be more positive, so that they will influence your business clients and customers.

Any tips? Please comment on this post with your ideas on how small business owners can influence their community.

Ivan Widjaya
Image by Eric Charlton.