Why Your Business Attitude is Crucial in Your Online Business Endeavours

business bloggerFirst and foremost, allow me to say this: Don’t ignore advances in everything related to the Internet – doing so will set you and your business back, and eventually make your business obsolete. More on this later on, below…

For those of you that have open mind, congratulations! Being open mind can help you and your business to enter the making money online arena.

However, looking for resources and guides are not that easy – some are good resources, but some others are plain rubbish (‘sorry to say…)

I do have some to recommend, but if you are new to doing business online and looking for make money online resources from a business standpoint, I have a particular niche blog to recommend you.

I have just stumble on Business Attitude, an online business blog that offers more than small business articles.

It is a fairly new business blog around the blogosphere, but reading the articles help me getting new insights in a what seemingly resource for newbie, but offering different, valuable, views that shed lights on common issues, such as how to register a domain name.

Why I recommend this blog?

It has quality podcasts as an alternative to the traditional blog posts. The blog also features video tutorials, such as website traffic tips videos, that honest to say, are better than most tutorials I have seen. I also think that the Business Attitude – Learning Resources section would be a major highlight of the blog.

Business Attitude does target newbie in online business or make money online arena, but I must say that I can learn a thing or two from it, as Deepak, the blog owner, presents a common issues from a different stand point.

I’ve also having a short conversation through emails with Deepak, and he told me that Business Attitude will be developed full-fledge, to include comprehensive online business lessons in paid programs, as well as premium forum in the near future.

So, make sure you visit Deepak’s online business blog.

Why reading business blogs, such as Deepak’s Business Attitude, will keep you and your business stand out

In the first paragraph of this blog post, I mention about business owner and his/her business that will face the threat of becoming obsolete. To explain, I really meant every word of it.

You see, you and your business are tied in a way, that no matter whether you are a passive or an active business owner, your mindset and attitude will affect your business considerably.

If you feel that pen-and-paper is better than a Blackberry, that’s entirely OK, as long as you can keep yourself productive (I also often use a pen and a paper, and no, I don’t have a Blackberry, iPhone, or such.)

Being conventional doesn’t mean that you have to stay away from business-related tech advances. In fact, you need to keep following updates on tech advances, especially on advances and development in Internet world if you doing business online.

I have a suggestion on how to catching up with the tech related to doing business online: Read business blogs. Period.


Most business bloggers talk about business-related issues in a more practical way, mainly blog posts on How-tos (i.e. “How to increase traffic to your website”) and Recommendation lists (i.e. “The Top 20 productivity tools for small business owners”) Reading those articles save you time on googling the Web for a piece of information.

If you are using Google, I recommend you to use Google Blog Search to search for information provided by blogs on a certain topic.

Remember, keep your mind open all the time and be ready to leave your comfort zone for positive changes.

Ivan Widjaya
Reading business blogs
Image by Mike Licht, NotionsCapital.com.