Small Business Idea: Janitorial and Cleaning Supplies Online Store

janitorial supplies, cleaning products, cleaning suppliesOnline market is growing exponentially, and jumping into the bandwagon is not only a smart business move, but also essential in thriving in today’s unpredictable economic situation.

Seeing the trend and potential today, one major advice is this – Go niche.

One of the niche online store I’ve just visited is Wholesale Janitorial Supplies (WJS) online store offering cleaning and janitorial supplies. Let’s explore a bit on this niche online store.

Niche online store case study: Janitorial and cleaning supplies online store.

Janitorial and cleaning supplies online store, such as WJS, sells products and supplies, such as bags, waste bins, personal care products and cleaning agents. This niche is very lucrative, as everybody needs them to maintain the livability of their homes, offices and other buildings.

Of course, you could just buy those supplies in supermarkets or convenience stores, but nothing can beat the convenience of online shipping, especially today.


The number one benefit of shopping in an online store is convenience.

By convenience, I mean hassle-free shopping and punctual, as well as accurate, products and supplies delivery, straight to your door step.

Refering to the WJS online store, purchasing a product is a breeze, due to well-arranged categorisation of janitorial and
cleaning supplies. Regarding delivery, they promise to deliver right to customers’ doorstep within 1-3 business days.

Another big issue in hassle-free shopping is checking out. Filling a long registration form and/or completing many steps before purchasing would turn down your potential customers. In WJS case, they have implemented this best practice: 1 page checkout form, with optional registration.

Secure shopping

As in everything in life, every good thing has a bad thing attach to it – The number one concern of shopping in an online store is security.

Stolen customer information and security breach can damage your business faster than you can imagine. To tackle this, you can join widely available business and website trust certifications, with one word of advice: Join the well known certification companies.

In WJS case, they have joined BBB Online to assure excellence in business practice and McAfee offer protections to fight identity theft, viruses, spams, fraud and scams – both organisations are reputable ones.

Why the need to go niche?

Is selling janitorial and cleaning products lucrative? Yes, absolutely.

Selling bird cages, model trains, and Smurf figurines (those small blue guys from Europe) are some of the niche online stores I’ve visited before, and awed by the laser-targeted niche they are in.

Many people concern, “Niche is nice, but going ultra-niche is ridiculously difficult to make something out of it.” All I can say is that the owner of a bird cage products store I’ve visited is making six figures of income annually – Yes, through selling bird cages!

In conclusion, in any businesses you are interested in, do your homework: Research your niche – super-niche if you can – and dominate that niche, the way like WJS do.

Ivan Widjaya
I fave Super-niche online store
Image by robertstinnett.